University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1952


Photo From the 50th Reunion - September 2002
Top Row:Bill (Wigs) Wilson, Russell Noyes, Ken Rose, George McClain, Ted Cadieu, Fern Gray Cox, Nancy Holland Hannin, Frank Pruett, Ralph (Ditto) Nelson, Greg Devejian, Bill Franzmann

Middle Row:Ted Moorman, Tim Wininger, Bill Andrews, Dave Griffith, Margaret Edmondson Olson, Don Donham, Charles (Bud) Wylie, Mary Bouvier O'Connor, Tom Trotter, Mary Lou Craig

Front Row:Judy Krentler Andrews, Donna Pless Verbosky, Joella Lane Stewart, Nancy Johnson King, Frances Taylor, Geraldine Ratliff Atkinson, Ann Poolitsan Halstead, Diane Cason Litten, Jackie Sims Kelyman

Photo by Talbot Studio

Photos below are from the covers of the 35th and 40th reunion booklets and from the photo taken at the 45th. Please help me identify the ones I call A, B, C etc.
Photo From the 35th Reunion - 1987
Front Row: Ruth Dodds, A , Shirley Jo Woolery, Alice Ann Hart, Donna Pless, Joella Lane, Nancy Johnson

Second Row: Phil Hodge, B, Wigs Wilson, Mary Bouvier , Barbara Alm, Nancy Holland, Margaret Edmondson, Mary Lou Craig, Nancy Hilliker, Greg Devejian

Third Row: Bob Donelson, Bud Wylie, Bill Andrews, Ted Cadieu, Don Donham, Fern Gray

Back: Dave Griffith, Jerry Hughes, C, D, E, Ron Mills, F

Identify A-F, please. I think Dave McCracken is in there. I know it's a terrible picture. Scanning and enhancing can only do so much. Sorry.
Photo From the 40th Reunion - 1992
Front row: A, Greg Devejian, Bill Andrews, Dave Griffith, Tom Trotter, B, Don Donham, Bob Donelson

Second row: Barbara Alm, Shirley Jo Woolery, Donna Pless, Ann Poolitsan, Alice Ann Hart, Diane Cason,Joella Lane, Nancy Johnson, Frances Taylor, Kathleen Fagan, C

Back row: Ted Moorman, Bud Wylie, Bill Franzman, Jerry Hughes, Nancy Holland, Fern Gray, Ted Cadieu, Ken Rose,Frank Pruett, George McClain, Ditto Nelson

Photo quality is better - still a scan of a printed photo is not good.
Photo From the 45th Reunion - 1997
Front row: Jerry Hughes, Barbara Bergevin, Fred Mills (Art), Judy Krentler

Second row: Mary Lou Craig, Greg Devejian, Bill Andrews, Margaret Edmondson, Earl Floyd, Maxine Dunfee (teacher), Dave Griffith

Third Row: Donna Pless, George Appleyard, Ted Cadieu, Maurice Shadley (music), Glen Bonsett (PE), Nancy Holland, Nancy Winter, Dave McCracken, Shirley Jo Woolery, Frank Pruett, Bob Hunter, A (teacher)

Back row: Bill Franzman, Bud Wylie, Diane Cason, Joella Lane, Fern Gray, George McClain, Don Donham

Photo by Talbot Studio

Updated 26 Jul 2017