University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1957


Photos From the 45th Reunion - September 2002

Top Row: Dick McFall, Tom Weir, Bob Wylie, Roger Cuffey, Tony Wheeler, Doug Rae, Steve Weiser, Pauline Smith Winters, Bill Krueger, George Dunn, Pam Moody Powers, Paul Forrest, Bob Dodds, Ann Goby

Middle Row: Mike Timms, David Foster,Tiiu Raun Robison, Karen Sims Foster, Linda Robertson Pate, Elizabeth Zorn, Honey Hope Dale,Susie Baker Utgaard, Clara Lee Shadley Cruse,Nancy Kelley Gable, Jane Stangle Hunt, Dodd Edington

Front Row: Norman Deckard, Jeannie Peterson Deckard, Barbara Deckard Sipes, Fred Barnhill, Libra Jan Cleveland Gysel , Ronnie Trueblood, Bob Walden, Myrtle English Fender, Ruth Kenter McNeil, Deniese McDaniel Smith

Photo by Richard McFall

Top Row: Nancy Kelley, Linda Robertson, Jeannie Peterson, Karen Sims, Eric Neumann, Jane Stangle, Jonquil Bartle, Janet Meadows, Jeanette Adams, Susie Baker, Clara Shadley, Barb Deckard

Third Row:Dick McFall, Don Ellson, Liz Zorn, Doug Rae, Roger Cuffey, Bill Krueger, Maude Richardson, Steve Weiser, Myrtle English, Tony Wheeler, Ann Baker, Charlie Bowden, Bob Waldon

Second Row: Bob Wylie, Tiiu Raun, Melissa Baldwin, Kay Campbell, Joan Velton, Ann Smith, Ruth Kenter, Deniese McDaniel, Ann Goby, Mike Timms, Paul Forrest, Joe Loop

Front Row: Charles Barnhill, Norman Deckard, David Foster, George Dunn, Tommy Weir

Photo by Talbot Studio

Top Row: Bob Wylie, Mary Sikes, Jeanette Adams, Jean Carlson, Dave Foster, Jane Stangle, Donna Payne, Janet Chitwood ('58), Steve Weiser, Libra Jan Cleveland ('56), Tiiu Raun, Ruth Kenter, Janet Meadows, Ruth Laves, Frank Smith
Middle Row: Jeanne Peterson, George Dunn, Tom Weir, Jim Terman, Dck McFall, Charles Bowden, Bill Krueger, Pauline Smith, Ann Smith, Ann Goby, Barb Cresson, Deniese McDaniel, Roger Cuffey, Karen Sims, Earl Floyd , Liz Zorn, Josephine Spear
Front Row:
Fred Mills, Dodd Edington, Jerry Smallwood, Jane Stephens, Tom Carter, Charles Barnhill, Norman Deckard, Dotty Lackey, Pam Moody
Photo by Talbot Studio

Phil Terman wrote on 10/7/2005 to the IN-BLOOMINGTON-UHS-L mailing list:
"My brother will probably disown me, but I just found the attached photo showing brother Jim in one of those band uniforms. I believe it's from about 1952-53 judging from the 1947 Chevy Fleetwood sedan behind him. I recall our mother had bought a new '53 Chevrolet BelAir soon after this picture was taken. Jim, does that jive with your memory? ... Phil Terman '62

Updated 26 Jul 2017