University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1959
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The Way We Were ........

1st grade at U School - Bill Brummett (back), Judy Otteson and Ron Mills front

Miss Louise Fowler's Elm Heights Kindergarten Class

Front row (L to R): a, Charlotte Ellson, c, Roberta Crowe, e, f, Judy White, Ruth Crowe, i
2nd row: Pat Smith, Donald Sauvain?, c, d, e, f, g, h
Are you in this photo? Identify yourself to Dave Gray '65

From the '59 Jordannus
Cords Lineup

The Rest of the Lineup
40th Reunion in 1999
Tom Marshall selling red peppers
Camera buffs ???, Stan Wilson’s wife, Ridley Lemon, Jim Richardson, Fran Johnson, ???, Judy Cobb, Barbara Taylor
Front row: Pat Smith, Eva Mae Key Lloyd, Judy Otteson Lawrence, Fran Owen Raub, Carol Hallagan Richardson, Cliff Curry, Stan Wilson
Second row: Ron Mills, Mike Johnson, Nick Carter, David Smith, Kaye Bensinger Bentley, Tom Marshall, Barbara Mooney Underhill, Lucy Gibson Braun, Steve Ferguson
Third Row: Jay Taylor, John Mara, ???, Wanda Wallace, Sigrid Frenz (waving), Paul Frenz, Steve Cobb, Tom Stemple, Tedd Stevens Herman B Wells watching over the group.
If you can identify the ??? Unknowns, please let Eva Mae know.
45th Reunion - July 30-31, 2004
Front: Jay Taylor and Barbara McCrea Taylor
Back: Judy Otteson Lawrence, Kaye Bensinger Bentley, Ron Mills, Phil Egan
Tom Stempel                                                    Eva Mae Key Lloyd
Wanda Wallace Duchnowski and Ed Duchnowski                                                              
Carol Hallagan Richardson and Jim Richardson                                      Kaye Bensinger Bentley
Kaye Bensinger Bentley and Marilyn Regester Jaquish                         Steve Ferguson And ConnieFerguson
Tom Stempel                                          Tom Marshall and Helen Marshall
Tedd Stevens                     Barbara McCrae Taylor, Jay Taylor, Fran Owens Raub, and Carol Hallagan Richardson
Dr. Kinsey's house on 1st Street                                  Marilyn Register Jaquish and Don Jaquish
Martha McCammon Hardin and Betty Hoene Sawyer                          Dr. Mike Johnson
(a movie will be released the fall of 2004 about Dr. Kinsey)
Mike Johnson and Don Sauvain                             Don Sauvain, Tedd Stevens, and Steve Ferguson
Mike Johnson                          John Maras and Sanda Maras
John Maras and Tom Stempel                              Carol and Jim Richardson (same picture as at top)
Our tables at IMU                          Nick (Dennis) Carter and Dr. David Smith
Mike and Fran Johnson                           Through those doors.....
U School in 2004                          Nick Carter and Sherry Carter
Ron Mills                               Judy Otteson Lawrence
Phil Egan                                Judy Otteson Lawrence and Ron Mills
John and Marilyn Wooden with Lulu                            Don Sauvain and Eva Mae Key Lloyd
Nick Carter, Joe O'Conner and wife, Tom and Helen Marshall
Nick Carter, John Maras, Ron Mills
Buffet Line
Bill and Madeline Van Keuren                           Judy White and her brother Joe's grandkids
SteveCobb and Judy Bridwell Cobb ('60)
Ridley Lemon                                        Janice Witmer Fox
2017 Reunion, June 16 & 17 at Steve & Conie Ferguson's farm near Bloomington
Very front – Ruth Crowe Trenary, Martha McCammon Hardin, Roberta Crowe Ryser Rohach, Judith Milisen Knabe, Barbara McCrae Taylor, Judy White, Fran Owen Raub, Eva Mae Key Lloyd, Cynthia Hoadley Kellogg, Tom Marshall
First standing row – Jerry Lloyd, Don Sauvain, Tom and Jo Lemon, Sigrid Frenz Insull Lucking, Billy Van Keuren, Carol Hallagan Richardson, Charlotte Ellson Brummett, Barbara Mooney Underwood, Judy Otteson Lawrence, Helen Marshall, Robbie Leonard, Lucy Gibson Braun and Col. Buz Braun, Laura Carr (Cynthia’s daughter)
Next row – Paul Frenz, David Smith, Jim Richardson, Wanda Wallace Riesz Duchnowski, Jan Witmer Fox, Gerry Haak Moore, Marilyn Regester Jaquish, Col. Ed Duchnowski
Back row - Connie Ferguson, Pat Smith with Shari in front, Steve Ferguson, Stan Wilson with Mary Swarthout in front, Jay Taylor, Bill Brummett
Friday hosts Connie and Steve Ferguson
Nick Carter with Helen Marshall and Carol Hallagan Richardson
Front row: Ridley Lemon, Judy Otteson Lawrence, Steve Ferguson, Robbie Leonard, Fran Owen Raub, Barbara Mooney Underwood, Ruth Crowe Trenary, Tom Marshall
2nd row: Eva Mae Key Lloyd, Carol Hallagan Richardson, Sigrid Frenz Insull Lucking, Marilyn Regester Jaquish, Cynthia Hoadley Kellogg, David Smith, Charlotte Ellson Brummett, Martha McCammom Hardin, Roberta Crowe Ryser Bohach
Back Row: Col Buz Braun, Lucy Gibson Braun, Col. Ed Duchnowski, Wanda Wallace Riesz Duchnowski, Gerry Haak Moore, Jan Witmer Fox, Don Sauvain, Jim Richardson, Paul Frenz, Bill Brummett, Jay Taylor
Saturday hosts Ridley & Jo Lemon
60th Reunion - 2019
Nick Carter, Jerry Lloyd, and Paul Irwin at breakfast at Grant Street Inn Judith Milisen Knaub with Ron Mills - Grant Street Inn breakfast
Ridley Lemon presenting the Don Quixote award to
Eva Mae Key Lloyd for planning the reunions
Jo Lemon (Ridley) and Eva Mae Key Lloyd
present but not in picture - Nick and Sherry Carter, and Jerry Lloyd, photographer
Our Friday night host and hostess - Connie and Steve Ferguson Barbara Mooney Underwood presenting award to Pat Smith
who has kept the class records for so many years
Mary Swarthout and Stan Wilson Mary Swarthout and Stan Wilson
Jo and Ridley Lemon Clifford Curry, Don Sauvain, Jerry Lloyd
Fran Owen Raub, David Smith, Ron Mills, Tom Marshall, and Tom Stempel Don Sauvain and Barbara Mooney Underwood

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