University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1960


Elm Heights Tom Thumb Wedding 1948, Mrs. Huddleson's First Grade Class

1st Row: Donnie Blewett, A, Ted Vaughn, B, Dick Wampler, Suzanne Thrasher, C, Judy Bridwell, D, E
2nd Row:Suzanne Whaley, Brian Martz, G, H, Janice Rolf, I, Judy Colgan, Jerry Barrett, Jane Ann Thomas, J, K, L
Photo thanks to Robin Bridwell, '64
Photos From the 45th Reunion

Herman B Wells and Friends
Back - Walt Francis, Larry Kronenberger, John Muller
Middle - Lincoln Foster, Dave Campaigne, Martin Bidney, Alison (Householder) Prindle, Andrea (Rees) Williams, Clay Williams
Front - Jane (Steinbeck) Campaigne, Judy (Talbot) Partain, Ingrid (Winther) Scobie, Herman B Wells, Cammie (Adams) Stout

Toivo Raun and Dave Campaigne

Jerry and Susie (Wedge) Williams

Bob Chapman and Dave Kaslow

Susie (Wedge) Williams, Janet (Hays) Black, Judy (Talbot) Partain

Bob Hammond, Jerry Mcintosh

Nancy (Young) Long, Sally (Femal) Fisher, Tom Hudson, Wanda (Wallace) Duchnowski

Ginny (Winston) Hollenback, Larry Kronenberger, Andrea (Rees) Williams, Clay Williams

Judy (Bridwell) and Steve Cobb

Margaret and Ralph Seifert, Alison (Householder) Prindle

Jaris Hammond, Sarah and Walt Francis

Chemistry Brats
Dave Campaigne, Larry Kronenberger, Dave Kaslow, Bill Nebergall
Ralph Seifert, Lucy (Merritt) Williams

Martin entertains

Judy (Talbot) Partain, Martin Bidney, Lynne Gilliatt

Judy (Bridwell) Cobb, Bob Chapman, Alice (Swarthout) Newell

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