University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1970


Photos From the 35th Reunion and the 40th Reunion
The Class of '70 held their thirty-fifth reunion on June 24-26, 2005 in Bloomington at the Four Winds Resort and Marina.
Melanie and Richard are in charge of getting all you together for your 40th.

left to right: Judy Pett Gaskill, Richard Linnemaier (Class of 69), Scott Walters, Jim Wolff, Melanie Hunt, Christy Savage Linnemaier,
Dan McCutchen, Tem Hornaday, Sara Pizzo, Judy Nakhnikian, John Long, Lisa Thompson, Nancy Saltzman, Randee Murray Miller

John Long, Lisa Thompson, Jim Wolff, Dan McCutchen

Lisa Thompson, Scott Walters, Tom Belcher

Sarah Pizzo, Lee Keen

Front: Dan McCutchen, Tom Belcher; Back: Lee Keen

Lisa Thompson, Judy Pett Gaskill, John Long, Nancy Saltzman, Jim Wolff

Jim Wolff

Scott Walters, Jim Wolff, Melanie Hunt, Christy Savage Linnemeier, Dan McCutchen, Tem Hornaday, Sarah Pizzo, Judy Nakhnikian, John Long

Front: Melanie Hunt, Judy Pett Gaskill, Christy Savage Linnemeier, Lisa Thompson, Randee Murray Miller, Nancy Saltzman, Judy Nakhnikian, Sarah Pizzo
Back: Scott Walters, Dan McCutchen, Richard Linnemeier (Class of 69), Jim Wolff, John Long, Tem Hornaday
photos thanks to John Long
35th taken at Lee Keen's home and at the Four Winds Marina
40th taken in Sedona AZ and in Bloomington
Pictures from the UHS Class of 1970's 40 year reunions in Bloomington and in Arizona.

enjoying the pool in Sedona

beautiful scenery and people

Updated 20 March 2019