University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1974

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University High School closed after this Class's Sophomore year.

The information lists below include students who attended University School in 7th, 8th, 9th and/or 10th Grade.


16 Mar 2022 Deborah Ann "Debbie" Quillen Miller died March 11, 2022, in Springville, Indiana. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page. She is pictured in just one Jordannus, 7th grade.
13 Mar 2020 Philip Smith Jr died in Bloomington on March 3, 2020. A photo and obituary are on his Find-A-Grave page.
3 Oct 2018 Bill J Lawrence of Gosport, Indiana, died September 29, 2018. He graduated from BHSN, and since he had brothers who graduated from UHS, I assume he attended UHS before it closed. See his Find-A-Grave page for more information.
22 Mar 2017 Tom Wiatt found these pages and e-mailed me, so he has been added to the list of classmates.
1/18/10 Cinda Allinger Allen wrote: "Moved to Bloomington and attended U-school '71, '72 and '73, if my memory is correct. (: Then we moved back to Louisville, Kentucky, and I actually graduated from Ballard High School, but would have been U-School class of 1974."
11/30/06 Ron Flora says: "Moved to Northern IN 1/72 fighting and scratching. Ha! Just one of many life surprises. I would love to see Graduation pictures of UHS Grads in 74, never saw BHSN. In I've seen many names that are vague but still remember the youthfulness faces. Please send pictures if you have them (subject line put UHS so it doesn't get spam trashed), so I can see some of my old (young) buddies. I remember many times both sad and glad, while attending the rolling hills of Brown County. ;)"
6/12/06 Robin Taylor says: "Although I technically did not graduate from BHSN, I was at University School from 2nd grade until we merged with BHSN in 11th grade. My family moved to Maryland my senior year of high school, but my heart remained in Indiana, and especially with UHS. I still keep in touch with more of my high school friends than college friends..."
9/16/05 Mary Keen registered and said "I'm grinning"

Reunion Information

October 29, 2005
All School Reunion
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'74 - Mike Shick & Susan, Jeri Kemp & Jim Zimmer, Donna Lentz Ferree & Larry, Debbie Perry Barnes, Pat VanSchoyck Brown & Gerald

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