University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

About the University High School Web Pages and Mailing List

The mailing list and the web page were started at in March 2001 by Margaret Edmondson Olson '52. In July 2002, the mailing list was moved to, but the web page remained (until 2017) at RootsWeb.

As of 2017, the new web pages are at and David Gray '65 is the WebMaster. The database is in Microsoft Access.

How much does this cost?
Subscribing to the mailing list and participating on this web page costs nothing.
The web domain name, and hosting, costs $37 per year,
but this cost is not passed on to list members. This stuff is free to the users.
However, WebMaster David Gray '65 will accept contributions.
What now?
I need contact addresses for different classes, and if you have any history or photographs you want me to include, send them to me. If you have ideas for things we should include, let me know. If you have links to existing sites for UHS, let me know that, too, and I'll add them.
Why Register

There are links on the main page where we ask alumni to register. When you register, your name, home town, and email address will be added to the web page for your class. We hope that by being there you may hear from people you knew at UHS. If you want to be removed, please contact David Gray '65 . If you have additions or corrections, please contact me. I want these lists to be useful.

We ask for your full name, class, address, phone number and email address. I will use that information to update our database of UHS alums and to help your class contact you whenever they are planning a reunion. The addresses and phone numbers will NEVER be placed on web pages or provided to anyone except the class representatives for your class. The e-mail address WILL be placed on the web page UNLESS you tell me otherwise. Since March 2018, the e-mail addresses have been slightly encrypted, with the @ replaced with [at] and the . replaced with [dot]. This is in an effort to keep automated web scanning programs from using the addresses for spam e-mails. If you feel this is insufficient protection, let me know and I will remove your e-mail address from the Web page.

When you move, or change telephone number or e-mail address, PLEASE LET ME KNOW and I will update your information.

Please also inform me if you know that a classmate has died. (And please let me know if someone is listed as deceased but is still living!)

To register or change your information, click here.

"Lost" Classmates
Please let me know if you have contact information for anyone listed in the "Information Needed" sections.
We have lost contact with many classmates, and would like to find them if possible.
Address Lists
Reunion committees from many classes update their lists from time to time. They probably have the best information. If you want to know about your class, try contacting your committee. (The contact person is listed at the top of each Class page.) You can also email me, and I will contact your class rep.
We need to be concerned about keeping lists in the hands of people who have a legitimate reason to have them. I will be glad to share what I have with classes, and hope that they will share with me. Margaret says this has worked pretty well since the web page was started. I would like feedback, though. Let me know what you think.
I can be reached at

Updated 02 Apr 2018