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16 Jan 2023 Mary Lou Beard Powell, of Bloomington, died June 14, 2021. A photo and an obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
04 Jan 2023 The 1950 US Census has recently been released, and we have been able to find information on many members of the Class. This does not help us find current contact information; mostly, it allows us to find parents & siblings, and death records. Many members of the Class have been moved from the first two tables into the Deceased table. They are:
Mary Ann Alexander Bennett, of Des Moines, Iowa, April 12, 2016; with the Class of '43 in the '39 Jordannus, graduated in 1942.
Alan Clark Buechner, of Glen Cove, New York, December 10, 1998; 12th grade only.
Harold Eugene Conard, of Indianapolis, October 24, 1984; with the Class of '44 in the '39 Jordannus, 11th grade in '42.
Jerry Wymond French Jr, of Cumming, Georgia, August 29, 2013; 9th through 12th grades.
Harriet E Haas Zelek, of Lower Makefield, Pennsylvania; with the Class of '43 in the '39 Jordannus, 11th grade in '41.
Constance Lillian "Connie" Harper, February 3, 1990; in 8th, 10th, & 11th grade Jordannuses (may have missed picture day in 9th grade).
Charles McGuffey Hepburn, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 16, 2021; 11th grade only.
Helen Marie Hoadley Ritz, of Ohio, October 12, 2017; in 8th, 9th, & 11th grade Jordannuses (may have missed picture day in 10th grade).
Flora Ellen "Flo" Hoover Hoffmann, of Indianapolis, September 3, 2020; 10th through 12th grades.
Elizabeth Jane "Betty" Johnson McClure, of Knox, Indiana, December 30, 1960; all grades (8th through 12th).
Elizabeth Ann "Betty" King, of California, April, 1973; in 9th, 11th & 12 grades (may have missed picture day in 10th grade).
Preston Earl Lewis, of Spencer, Indiana, June 5, 2012; 8th, 9th & 10th grades.
Patricia Ann "Patty" Miller Hartman Koeppen, of Delphi, Indiana, May 5, 2021; 8th through 11th grades.
Kathleen Laverne Sipes Tash Pease, of Roseville, California, October 18, 2021; 8th grade only.
Norma Jean Smith Conover, of Shelbyville, Indiana, December 23, 1994; 8th grade only.
James Frederick Walker, of Bloomington, November 22, 2012; 8th grade only.
Minnie Marie Wampler Pfaff, of Bloomington, October 16, 1998; 8th grade only.
The grades listed are based on the individual photo pages of the Jordannus yearbooks.
24 Jul 2019 Four more people who attended UHS for a short time, members of the Class of '43, are known deceased: Ben J "Bennie" Bonney Jr, Barbara McKinney Burns Swisher, Harriett Grace Hopper Gigliotti, & Bette Russell Lambert Mahigian. Find-A-Grave pages exist for all but Barbara Burns Swisher
17 June 2019 From examination of Jordannuses from '39 through '43, 49 more people who attended UHS at one time or another as members of this class have been added to the database. Most of these are listed below as "misssing." However, Dorothy Juanita Richardson Chitwood, Edward Martin "Ted" Reed, Ruth L Wilson Reiggert Reed, and Grover L Walters are known deceased. Find-A-Grave pages have been created.
13 Apr 2018 Helen Louise Potter Enslow died April 6, 2018, in Bloomington. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
13 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of the database, the following members of the Class of '43 have died:
Alice Belle Gilmore Woodward, of Henderson, Kentucky, died June 24, 1974. An obituary should be on her Find-A-Grave page soon.
Catherine Elizabeth Mullan died June 9, 2017.
13 Mar 2018 From an extensive search of the Social Security Death Index and Find-A-Grave, the following members of the Class of '43 have died. If anyone knows otherwise, please let Dave Gray '65 know.
John Milligan, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nov 6, 2008;
Kathleen Nolan Lobley, of Indianapolis, May 2, 2016. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
2017 June 12 JoAnn Booze Fineman died June 2, 2017. An obituary is on her Find-A-grave page.
4/24/10 George Earl Huntington Jr. died peacefully at his home on April 22, surrounded by family and caregivers. George was born in Bloomington. His brother John T. Huntington preceded him in death. He loved to hike in the woods, read a good book, and tell fascinating stories. He is survived by his children and their families.
George grew up in Bloomington, and it strengthened a deep love for the surrounding area and the community. During this time he developed his lifelong love of hiking and camping. As a teenager, George pursued his love for adventure and turned a passion for flying into an interesting first job. George graduated from the former University High School and attended Indiana University for two years before enrolling in the FBI Academy as preparation for his over forty-year career in law enforcement. From the late forties through the late sixties, he gave twenty of years of service to the Bloomington Police Department, eight as Chief of Police. Following his retirement from the city, he earned a B.A. in criminal justice from Indiana University and worked at the Kinsey Institute while completing his studies. In the early seventies, he began an over-twenty-year career as Chief of the Indiana University Police Department, Bloomington campus. He also served the community as a deputy coroner for decades. Following his retirement from Indiana University in the early nineties he was elected to two consecutive terms as Monroe County Coroner.
5/22/07 Francis Koepkey's son found this web page, and wrote to say his father passed away in June 1990.
10/28/02 Sent to Fred Gregory ('44) The photos referred to are the October 2004 Class of '44 Reunion Photos. Dear Fred
Just wanted to let you know that Philip Morrison passed away in Largo Florida last Sunday. I don't know how many '43 people are on the UHS site but you might add this in there.
We were sorry to miss the '44 reunion that you all invited our class to join. We knew that Phil was failing rapidly and we wanted to make a quick trip down there to see them. It turned out that our only time to do this included that weekend. I had hoped to spend some time with Phil but he was hospitalized just before we arrived. We were able to see him but he was so heavily sedated that there was little we could do but let him know that we were there.
I was able to see the photographs from the reunion on the web and really wish we could have been there. My thanks to those who make such communication possible.
Bill & Fran Overman

Reunion Information

October 29, 2005
All School Reunion
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'43 - Barbara Rogers Houseworth & John, Woody Stogsdill & Patricia, Robert Stout & Helen, Margaret Wylie Sibbitt
2002 - Sixtieth - June 20 The Class of 1943 has invited the Class of 1944 to join them for their
50th reunion luncheon at Chapman's on June 20th.

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