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16 Mar 2024 With the help of the recently released 1950 Census data, we find that the following 9 members of the Class of 1951 have died:
Barbara Jean Gray Mann, in Redding, California; at UHS in 9th grade only.
Betty Lou Hasseld Etchason Young, of Lakeland, Florida, November 15, 2017; at UHS in 7th & 8th grades.
Harry Wayne Henderson, in Bloomington, May 15, 2021; 1st grade only.
Edward Thomas "Eddie" Morrison, November 7, 2018; at UHS in 8th through 10th grades.
John Herman Rudolph, of Overland Park, Kansas, April 22, 2020; 1st grade only.
Herb "Herby" Scroggins, in Bloomington, November 28, 2015; at UHS in 9th & 10 grades.
Marjorie Ann "Marge" Stigall Gamble, of Tyler, Texas, May 17, 2012; at Univerity in 1st grade and 6th through 10th grades.
Russell Stubblefield, in Bloomington, December 18, 2012; 9th grade only. Born Russell Parker, his stepfather was Charles Sutbblefield. However, in adulthood, he resumed using the Parker surname.
Betty Deloris Turpin, in Bloomington, September 2, 1995; at UHS in 9th & 10 grades.
25 Feb 2022 Thresa Eline "Teresa" Baxter Woods, of Bloomington, died February 20, 2022. She is pictured in the 9th & 10th grade Jordannuses. A photo and an obituary should be on her Find-A-Grave page. Due to new Find-A-Grave rules, these may not be visible for 3 months.
21 Feb 2022 Harvey Edward Duke, of Bloomington, died January 24, 2022. A photo and an obituary are on his Find-A-Grave page. Due to new Find-A-Grave rules, these may not be visible for 3 months.
13 Aug 2021 Delores June Hays Brummett died in Bloomington on August 4, 2021. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page. The only Jordannus in which she was pictured was the 1948 issue, when she was in 9th grade.
25 May 2021 We are informed by her daugter Debbie Kletter Montz that 1950 Homecoming Queen Roberta Hilda "Bobbie" Fell Kletter died in Louisville, Kentucky, on December 14, 2020. An obituary with photo is on her Find-A-Grave page.
08 Mar 2021 Waneta Jeanette Johnson Grubb died in Bloomington on March 5, 2021. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
07 Dec 2020 Julie Ann "Judy" Warner Schmid died in Bloomington on November 27, 2020. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
29 May 2020 Marilyn Sue Crouch Ring died in Indianapolis on May 24, 2020. An obituary and photo are on her Find-A-Grave page.
04 May 2020 Lew Duve Spangler died in Bloomington on May 2, 2020. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
27 Jan 2020 Susan Jane Wallace Hays Voelkel died in Bloomington on January 23, 2020. An obituary and photo are on her Find-A-Grave page.
01 Nov 2019 Kay Wynn Goby Brown died in Auburn, California, on October 22, 2019. An obituary and photo are on her Find-A-Grave page.
04 Jul 2019 We find that Joseph Edward "Joe" Kent died in Bloomington on October 7, 2014. He is in the '48 through '50 Jordannuses, with the Classes of '51 & '52. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
17 June 2019 From examination of Jordannuses from '39 through '51, 78 more people who attended UHS at one time or another as members of this class have been added to the database. Most of these are listed below as "misssing." However, Raymond Wright Strain is known deceased. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
09 Sep 2018 I have acquired a copy of the 1951 Jordannus, and scanned the senior photo pages, plus the photo pages for nursery school through 8th grades and 9th through 11th grades. Use the Jordannus Scans button to view them.
25 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of data, we find that Phyllis Irene Davis Sexton-Beeker, of Bloomington, died September 30, 1999. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
19 Mar 2018 From a listing in the Social Security Death Index, we believe William R Greenwood, of Wilmington, North Carolina, died on Mar 7 2004.
01 Oct 2017 Richard Max Barger died September 26, 2017, in Bloomington. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
4/11/17 Virginia Lee (Farmer) Kleindorfer died April 9. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
7/24/05 Carol Simpson Hanna wrote to the '51 e-newsletter which Bert Kunz is so good as to organize and email. She says there, about plans for the all school reunion weekend : "Class of '51 we will be having a get together my home on Fri. evening, the day before the all school reunion. If enough people show an interest we will plan a breakfast at the Union Building on Sunday morning. We will be having a cookout on Fri. evening and it would be good if those of you who are planning to come would contact me."
5/25/04 Nancy Talbot Crane died Monday, May 24, 2004 in Warsaw, Indiana. Her obituary is in the May 25 Bloomington Herald-Times. Nancy graduated from Indiana University in 1955 as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Mortarboard Society. She retired in 1995 from Florida AtlanticUniversity where she served as reference librarian. She is survived by her brother Robert M. Talbot (UHS '56), two daughters and a son and six grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held Sunday, May 30 at the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomington. Contributions may be made to the Indiana University Foundation for the Robert M. Talbot Sr. football managers scholarship program or the American Cancer Society.
12/30/03 Paul Edward Brummett, 70, died Saturday, Dec. 27, 2003. He was a longtime civic and business leader in Jennings LA. A native of Bloomington, IN, Mr. Brummett spent most of his adult life in Southwest Louisiana. He served four years in the U.S. Air Force. Mr. Brummett received his bachelor of science degree in business administration from LSU. He was a certified public accountant. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, one son, four grandchildren, one great-grandson, one brother, Joseph Brummett of New Palestine, Ind.; one sister, Alice Bagnell of Melbourne, Fla.; and numerous nieces and nephews. -- Thanks to Bill Allman for this information.
10/24/03 The October 23, 2003 Bloomington Herald-Times has an obituary for Mary Beth Stapleton Booze, who died Oct 21 in Bloomington. She was a homemaker and former school teacher in Indianapolis, 1951 graduate of University High School and a 1955 graduate of Indiana University. Survivors include her husband, Dr. James H. Booze; three sons, one sister and brother-in-law, and one sister-in-law.
She was preceded in death by her parents; three brothers, Daniel "Bud" Stapleton, Carl Stapleton and John Tracy Stapleton Jr.; and one sister, Anita Ellis.
10/27/01 Mary Lou Craig (John's sister, class of '52) reports:
I attended the Friday night reunion of the class of 1951. They were asking about the website for UHS. I passed the information on to Carol Hanna Simpson, so you should start receiving more information about this class. They seemed very excited to learn about it.
10/28/01 Susan Wallace Voelkel writes a short note with her registration:
We are having a wonderful weekend here at our 50 year class reunion!
If someone will send photos from the reunion, I'll post them here, or give me a link to a web page with photos, I'll add the link here. Send to Margaret Olson.
01/12/02 Bert Kunz writes: "The class of 51 is starting a biannual e-Newsletter. I am compiling same." Let him (and Margaret Olson ) know your email address if he doesn't know it already.
08/07/02 Issue # 2 of the '51 e-Newsletter was sent out by Bert with messages from: Greg Devejian '52; Bobbie Fell Kletter; Naola Gobert Manthey; Margaret Hoadley Putnam; Carol Simpson Hanna; Kay Wynn Goby Brown; Buddy Rey Rooney; Bill Allman; Marcia Wells Holland; Zeke Pierson; Anne Marshall Hallett; Susie Wallace Voelkel; Barbara Shrader Rohrer; Roberta Fox Somach; Paul Brummett; Bert Kunz . A followup letter arrived later with Reunion talk. See below. Looks like there will be TWO weekends. Pick one - or both!
08/07/02 The class of 1952 is inviting all members of the classes of 1951 and 1953 to a picnic in September 28 during their 50th Reunion celebration.

Reunion Information

October 2005
All School Reunion

Evening, October 28
Barbeque at Carol Hanna's
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'51 -William Allman & Susie, Betty Lou Brown Love & Mickey, Jack Conley, Roberta Fell Kletter, Sue Fox Robinson & Murray, Kay Wynn Goby Brown, John Hearn & Jo Ann, Margaret Hoadley Putnam & Dick, Kathleen Hunsaker Hawkins & Donald, Joan Jenkin Fields & Jim, Buddie Rey Rooney & Larry, Carol Simpson Hanna & Don, Joan Smith Kennedy & Don (Max Beaty will be in town, but leaving before the dinner)
Oct 12, 2002 Mini-Reunion

Carol Hanna

by way of
Bert Kunz

Saturday, Oct 12
Sunday, Oct 13
Thank you for helping us notify '51 Classmates about the mini-reunion. Sue Robinson just returned from a trip which included going to Russia and we have now finalized plans. On Saturday, Oct 12 we will be tailgating at 1402 North Grant. This is on the west side of the I.U. stadium. You go to Dunn and then turn west on 18th and go one block to Grant. It is just one short block from the stadium. We have converted a garage into a party place for football games. We go about two hours before games and then stay about two hours after. The Wisconsin - I.U. game is scheduled for kick-off at 11:10 P.M. Come for brats and beer (and other goodies) either before or after the game or both. You don't even have to go to the game. Just come and get together for food and fellowship.

Later we will gather at the City Grill. It is a sports bar in Bloomington and is across from the Convention Center at 216 South College. We have reservations for 6:30 and they have plenty of good food and spirits for whatever mood you are in.

On Sunday morning we have reservations at Chapman's at 300 S S.R. 446. They have a wonderful breakfast buffet. The reservations are for 10:30 A.M.

So hopefully many of you can join us for this mini-reunion. Since reservations are involved we need to have a ballpark figure of the numbers that will be at City Grill and Chapman's. If you have questions e-mail Carol or call us. Carol at 812-336-7491 or Sue R. at 812-339-6421. Hope lots of Guinea Pigs are able to come. See you soon!
2002 Mini-Reunion(s)
contact Bert or  Susan  or Carol
for more information
weekend of Oct. 12 - dinner, breakfast, brunch, IU vs. Wisconsin (football)
Sept 28 and 29 - With 1952 and 1953
Picnic at Wininger's Saturday afternoon
'51 breakfast on Sunday
2001 - Fiftieth Held the weekend of October 26, 2001 - Reunion Photos

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