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02 May 2022 John Mark Bowen died in Bloomington on April 2, 2022. A photo and obituary are on his Find-A-Grave page, but these will not be visible for 3 months.
04 Jan 2022 Linda Gail "Gail" Robertson Busch died in Bloomington on December 27, 2021. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
14 Dec 2020 Richard Norman "Dick" Skirvin died in Land 'O Lakes, Florida, on May 14, 2020.
04 Oct 2020 George Howard VanBuskirk died in Bloomington on October 1, 2020. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
02 Sep 2020 Martha Anne Pratt Rachles died in Columbus, Indiana, on August 23. A photo is on her Find-A-Grave page; an obituary should be there also, soon.
23 Sep 2018 Mike Junker has posted a retrospective about Steve Dowling.
Thoughts of Yesteryear
I made this retrospective, with Hugh Hazelrigg's help for the original version. Steve Dowling and I shared an almost life-long association. I used to help him deliver newspapers starting about 6th grade or so. He and I were as brothers; I had 3 older sisters, but no brothers but Steve had younger brothers and one sister. Nether-the-less he was associated with me throughout our lives. The link shows somewhat that association consisted, but it can not show the emotional linkage we had.

He was responsible for my wife and me meeting. He would have been my Best Man at our wedding, but in those days the Catholic Church wouldn't let him without a dispensation, so he was an "usher" instead (not an official participant in the eyes of the Catholic Church). He was "Crazy Uncle" Steve to both my kids.

He built me a $5,000 custom cabinet suite for our home in Baton Rouge as a "house-warming" present and he built the trailer he needed to bring down in! He measured all the dimensions on one visit and when he installed it it fit like a glove in the space!!! Steve was a master Cabinet Maker. He did a full 7 year apprenticeship with Larry Goodman's father. Steve was somewhat mathematically challenged and I used to help him when he was working on his places in Bloomington. I used a transit and set his foundations for the addition to his house on Bethel Lane and I did likewise for the foundations for his shop that he was finally being able to set up. The shop that he had dreamed of having and died during its construction.

Larry Goodman had type 1 diabetes and was a "brittle" diabetic and wouldn't properly take his medicine. Mr. Goodman asked Steve to travel with and watch out for Larry in Larry's upholstery business. Steve promised Mr. Goodman that he would look out for Larry; a task he did without complaint for around 15 years until Larry got a pancreas transplant which cured his diabetes. For the entire time Steve put his dreams of having his own carpentry/cabinet making shop on hold. He was so happy that Larry was cured, and he immediately started on building his shop.

I was due to go down and help some more on his shop when he went into the hospital. I was still going down to see him when I found out that Pearl, his wife, would not allow anyone to visit him in the hospital. It broke my heart that I couldn't be with Steve at the end. Just writing this last sentence has gotten me crying.

Michael (Mike) Lee Junker, Class of 1961. I started U-School in junior high in 1956.
2 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of the Social Security Death Index and Find-A-Grave, the following members of the Class of '61 have died. If anyone knows otherwise, please let Dave Gray '65 know.
Sharon Jane Larson, of San Francisco, California, on December 23, 2008.
Sally Virginia Sparks Everett, of Dupont, Indiana, on August 7, 1986. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
9 Mar 2018 Robert William "Bob" McIntosh died February 1, 2018. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
24 Apr 2017 When the mass mailed e-mails were sent out, this automated response was received: "Sorry, Bill died 7/7/16. he will not respond -- Best wishes Bill Person"
9/12/11 Doug D. Dixon Sr., 68, of Bloomington, passed away Saturday, September 10, 2011 in Bedford, with his family by his side. Doug was a 1961 graduate of University High School. He was a Spc. 4 in the U.S. Army, a tank driver, 77th Armor 5th Division. He was a retired fireman for the City of Bloomington and a member of the AMVETS Post #2000, the American Legion Post #18 and the Moose Lodge #1081. Doug was a loving father and grandfather who enjoyed auto racing and being a farmer. Survivors include his wife of 47 years, Linda “Chelm” (Elmes) Dixon, two sons, three grandsons, one sister, Diane Scales (UHS '64), all of Bloomington, one niece, one nephew, and his beloved dogs Chigger and Chelmer. He was preceded in death by his parents, a granddaughter, and his dog, Happy.
7/24/11 BLOOMINGTON — Bloomington Attorney Robert Wellington Beck, defender of the public, prosecutor of criminals, died at his home on July 9, 2011. He was 68. The cause of death was a failing body brought on by an active life, coupled with his choice of lineage — or nature and nurture, as Beck often said. Bob worked for the Monroe County legal system for most of his professional life. Initially working in the public defenders’ office, he later worked for a succession of five Monroe County prosecutors, and liked to say he had been fired by each of them. The reality was that he had left each time of his own volition, often with notable abruptness. It is said by many that during his working life, Bob managed to infuriate every single member of the Monroe County legal community at least once, and yet he remained widely respected as a brilliant mind and a tireless proponent of an effective legal system.

Bob’s academic career included Bloomington University High School (1961), University of New Mexico (B.A., 1970), and Indiana University School of Law (J.D., 1973). These degrees defined his formal academic education, but his persistent curiosity about all things led to a lifetime of reading, and Bob was expertly informed in subjects as widely varied as cosmology and sprint car racing, religious history and mystery writing. Entering into a discussion or argument with Mr. Beck led many to quickly realize that he was likely the smartest person in the house, yet he seemed unaffected and uncaring of this fact. Bob Beck possessed a large body, and a bigger brain, but he was the first to admit that he was a prime example of the imperfectability of man. Famously private, Bob could be by turns stubborn, irascible, reclusive, and more than slightly cranky. More notably, however, he was charming and caring and funny, and a wonderful dinner and drinking companion. He enjoyed conversation with a wealth of widely disparate friends, but longtime acquaintances knew the conversation could pause at times, an imperceptible shift bringing a lingering silence, until the welcome snort of Bob’s laughter signaled a return to the story and the friendship. Bob was a mentor to a generation of young Bloomington lawyers who gravitated to him for his knowledge and easy accessibility that was always tempered with humor.

His legal expertise and his courtroom demeanor were legend, and those working with him invariably recalled his repeated, basic admonition for their profession — “Do the right thing.” Another side surfaced often, however, and one local attorney recalled his first day working with Bob at the public defenders’ office, when in a characteristic display of spontaneity, Beck climbed through an open window of the prosecutors’ office, clambered onto a desk, and proclaimed to all, “I’ve got bargaining position,” which led to prosecutors climbing atop nearby objects, seeking higher ground. The young attorney following Mr. Beck was left pondering the nature of his chosen profession. Bob’s liberal political views were forged by civil rights freedom marches during the 1960s, and by a tour in the Army during the war in Vietnam. He had no patience with bigotry of any kind, or with the current spate of dogmatic conservatives — viewing them as uninformed and selfish, and the likely cause of the downfall of civilization as he knew it. When critiquing the current political situation he would offer succinct analysis, and then, sighing and ponderously shaking his head, would declare — “It’s hopeless.”

A sportsman and adventurer as well as an intellectual, Bob played high school football at University High in Bloomington and was a member of the IU rugby club in college, earning the sobriquet “Rhino” for his direct and indelicate style of play. At various times, he rode his Vespa scooter from Santa Fe to Bloomington, and motorcycled and bicycled cross-country. In later life, he calmed to sailing and kayaking, annually escaping to ocean kayak voyages in the Pacific San Juan Islands with a group of similarly crazed friends. Their survival was always in doubt, as their tide-reading abilities and physical conditioning appeared suspect. Bob was found by friends at his home, after he had failed to appear punctually for a meal, an occurrence so rare that the worst was immediately feared by his dinner dates. Friends are recalling Bob’s oft-repeated phrase as he departed — “I’m dumping you guys.” One of a kind, the cherished memory of his friendship remains.
7/11/11 Becky Bobilya Gregory '63 reported the following: "Stefan Beck, younger brother of Bob, UHS '61, called me last evening and then sent the following email he received from Dottie Frapwell (IU Attorney/Bob's friend) yesterday:
"I’m so sorry to tell you that Bob passed away on Friday night. It appears as though he had a heart attack during the night. Bob wanted to be cremated and we’re in the process of making arrangements for that. We are not planning a service."

IF there is something in the paper, I will share it; but I will not be surprised if this is it. AND, if the Monroe County Bar Association has a memorial service, I will also share that information. Bob was rather reclusive, but Fred always said that he'd want Bob to defend him if he were ever in serious legal trouble. ..... Becky Bobilya Gregory '63
3/18/11 Shari Bayless Encke writes: "My husband Bill & I are serving a 23-month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Houston. We were living in the Orlando, Florida, area for many years. We will not be able to attend the reunion without a miracle! We are committed to be in the Houston area during our mission. I do wonder if we could work out something though. I would love to see everyone. The last reunion I attended was in 1982 I think. My youngest daughter had just turned one. I retired from teaching in June, 2009."
2/22/11 Sam Wentworth writes: "Sorry to say that I have not been good about maintaining contact with most. I remain in Danville, IN, in full time practice of Pediatric Endocrinology. Still involved in camping, now being director of a camp for children with diabetes since 1968. Also work from time to time in Russia."
12/17/10 Larry Pennington changes his email address and says: "Living happily in Oregon. Came here in retirement to ski and hike, and found the most beautiful place in the world. :-) Happy. Anyone else in OR,WA,or ID?"          note from webmaster/listkeeper - of all UHS alums I know about, there are currently 36 in OR, 41 in WA, and 8 in ID."
7/28/10 Bill Wylie says "Our 50th is August 12, 13, & 14, 2011 at the Hilton Garden Inn-Downtown in Bloomington.
12/08/09 Margaret Meyer writes: "I love to read, crochet, hike, horseback ride, dig all kinds of music, (except jazz, rap and heavy metal) GOOD movies, and love that I'm still kickin and can get out of bed each morning!!!!!!!! I'd like to like to chat w/ any of the kids in my class, or any others. Have lived in Blgtn. most of my life and love it here, no place like home!"
11/11/08 Excerpts from the Bloomington Herald-Times -
Stephen James Dowling passed from this life on Oct. 30, 2008 in Bloomington. Steve was the namesake of each of his grandfathers. He was preceded in death by his parents, Leo and Margot Dowling, and his siblings, Frederick and Kathleen. He is survived by his wife, Pearl Dowling of Bloomington; his brothers, Jerry Dowling (UHS '62) of Houston, TX, Mark Dowling (UHS '68) of Tempe, AZ, and Keith Dowling (UHS '70) of Frenchtown, MT; and by his sister, MaryAnn Dowling Faubion of Indianapolis. He is also survived by his good friends, Larry and Paul Goodman of Bloomington. Steve, an excellent carpenter, retired from the woodshop at Indiana University after more than 30 years of service. Steve enjoyed life. For several years, he spent part of each summer leading trail rides in Jackson Hole, WY. He raised horses, llamas and goats. He also enjoyed panning for gold. Steve will be missed by all that knew him. May he rest in peace.
8/05/08 From the Greensburg Daily News - August 04, 2008
Stephen R. Young, Greensburg, Indiana, passed away on August 2, 2008, in Greenwood. He was a business teacher and also an adult education teacher at the Greensburg Community High School. He graduated from University High School in Bloomington and then graduated from Indiana State University in Terre Haute. He served as an activity leader for several organizations at the high school. He was veteran of the US Army stationed in Germany from 1966-68. His wife, Susan (Raines) Young (UHS '64) survives. He is also survived by one son; two daughters; one brother, Randy Young (UHS '66) of Beech Grove; and five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents.
7/12/07 Stephen Martin Dodd, 64, of Bloomington, passed away on July 6, 2007 at Hurstbourne Care Center in Louisville.He graduated from University High School in 1961. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the New York Yankees and I.U. basketball teams. He was a walking encyclopedia of sports statistics. He is survived by his sister, Susan Fraser of Leesburg, FL; two nephews and eight great-neices and nephews.
6/03/06 Page 75 of the May/June IU Alumni Magazine has an obituary for Marcia Mee Guravich-Hoadley.
"Polar Bear Photographer
Marcia Mee Guravich-Hoadley, 62, BS '65 of Bloomington, Ind. died on Dec. 16 (2005). At NCR Corp. in Dayton, Ohio, she was one of the first women involved in the computerization of national retail stores, such as J.C.Penney, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Sears. Acting on her passion for wildlife, especially polar bears, Guravich-Hoadley left her corporate executive position in the early 1990s and became an unpaid volunteer office manager at Polar Bear International, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of polar bears. She took many trips to the Arctic to photograph its wildlife and published a polar bear calendar."
10/13/05 Sylvia Doty Kelty writes: "I didn't graduate with the class of '61, but went to school from 1st grade with lots of the class, so I feel like a member regardless. I live in Virginia now, after moving all over the place for years. 3 kids, 9 grands, and one great-grand. I sing with the 2nd best Sweet Adeline chorus in the world, am a long-time hospice volunteer, and helping raise our youngest granddaughter, who lives with us with her dad. Having a good job is not enough in to buy a home in the Washington area, poor guy!
9/19/05 Judy Stephan writes: "I would love to hear from my friends from all years. I graduated a year early (1961) but grew up with the class of 1962. I live in California and would welcome friends and classmates who wanted to visit - any time. Sad to read friends' names on the deceased list. I can't help but wonder what happened to them..."
8/22/05 Here's a 1948 Elm Heights Photo wou might want to view. There may be some '61 classmates in it along with at leat one (Judy Bridwell Cobb) from '60
3/26/05 Susie Pinkston Colee writes: "I now have nine kids calling me Grandma Sooz and I love it! I am an artist with work in a gallery in Birmingham, and when I'm not painting or rocking a baby you can find me on the tennis court. We spend winters in Naples, Florida and summers in Birmingham, so we stay warm all year. I have such good memories of U-School and still feel very connected to my classmates."
3/01/05 Michael Junker writes: "I am now retired. I have worked as a College Professor, Chemical Engineer and Chemist. I am now a rancher (very small ranch - 32 acres), but I have horses and cows. I would like to attend the reunion in October, but my wife and I are taking a tour of China starting Nov. 1 and the Oct. 29 date is just too close to our departure date. Maybe next year."
9/12/04 Joe Roman registered and writes that he was "Coaching football at Joliet College and for the Danube Dragons Vienna, Austria, an Amercian football team in Europe."
1/5/04 Ron Smith writes of the death of Rick Brandon: "I just received this notice from Rick's Bishop. Rick was in the Class of 1961.
Father Richard Brandon Passed into the Realms of Glory and the Loving Hands of God at 6:45 p.m. Saturday, January 3, 2004.
Ron further writes that he had email from Rick in December (write Ron to learn more) and says that those who desire may send cards to Rick's wife at:
Pat Brandon, 101 E. Lakeway Drive, Shelton, WA 98584.

Reunion Information

August 12-14, 2011 - Fiftieth
Hilton Garden Inn, downtown Bloomington
October 2005
All School Reunion
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'61 - Sharon Atkinson Routen & Larry, Sylvia Doty Kelty, Steve Dowling, Fred Dunn, Cheryl Fike Topolgus & James, Tom McGlasson & Susan, Marcia Mee Guravich Hoadley & Tom, Margaret Meyer Bland & Ted Mischler, Cathy Miller Scott, Susie Pinkston Colee, Martha Pratt Rachles & Bill, Joe Roman, Eric Schweitzer, Kathleen Snow, Judith Stephan, James Topolgus & Cheryl, Judy Vitaliano
2006 - Forty fifth It's coming up. Details here when provided.  Please tell Margaret Olson about it.

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