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09 Jun 2024 REUNION!
(See below for details)
16 Jan 2024 Mark Snyder Weir died in Indianapolis on April 3, 2022. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
19 Jan 2022 Max Dick died in Bloomington on January 12, 2022. He is listed as Terry Max Dick, but not photographed, in the 1956 Jordannus, the only issue he was in. He graduated from BHS in 1964. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
04 Mar 2021 Cym Hawksworth Lowell of Dallas, Texas, died February 23, 2021. We also learned that Nancy Sue Brown Lowell, his first wife, died March 31, 2020, also in Dallas. Photos and obituaries are on their Find-A-Grave pages.
01 Sept 2020 Ronald Arferd "Ron" Crouch died in Bloomington on August 21, 2020. His photo is in the '59 Jordannus (7th grade), and he went on to attend, and graduate from, BHS in '64. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
04 May 2020 Sara Ann Ellis Hacker died on April 30, 2020, in Bloomington. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
18 Mar 2020 Reunion postponed - we hope to have it next summer
15 Feb 2020 Reunion information below
05 Feb 2020 Mary Susan "Susie" Raines Young died February 4, 2020, in Greenwood, Indiana. A photo & obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
30 Oct 2019 56th Reunion - see below. We will join the Class of '64 for a joint Reunion.
12 Sep 2019 Anna Marie Osborne, of Youngstown, Arizona, died Suguat 29, 2019. A photo & obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
12 Apr 2019 Rosa Lyn "Lynn" Householder would like classmates & friends to know she'll be visiting Bloomington May 9-16. To contact her, just click on the link.
03 Jul 2018 John William Perry of Ellettsville died May 7, 2010. He graduated from Bloomington High School, but we believe he is the John Perry in our database, and that he attended University School as well. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
01 May 2018 Ruth Joe Fairwell is in the database with the Classes of '64 and '66. She was born in Fresno, California, on May 9, 1948, and died in Colorado on July 28, 2012. We had her married name as Curry, but we could find no records to verify this. Another possible married name is Frailey, and she apparently had children with the surname of Bishop. However, the first data source for her is; this is sometimes unreliable as UHS is listed there as "Indiana University High School" and some people registered themselves with UHS when they actually attended Indiana University.
25 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of data, we find that Patti Jayne Rayborn Marquart Kline Raley, of Clinton, Indiana, died January 6, 2017. A brief death notice is on her Find-A-Grave page.
4 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of the Social Security Death Index and Find-A-Grave, the following members of the Class of '64 have died. If anyone knows otherwise, please let Dave Gray '65 know.
Dan Robert Fay, of Leesburg, Florida, on August 1, 2009. There is some information on his Find-A-Grave page.
Bette Joyce Kent Walden, of Seymour, Indiana, on July 12, 2016. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
11 Jan 2018 Nancy Lee Eckert Bauman died on January 7, 2018. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
22 Nov 2017 Maj. Joab Henry "Joe" Patton, retired U.S. Army Chaplain, died March 23, 2016, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
24 Sept 2017 Susanne "Sue" Talbott Haverstock died September 21, 2017. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
5 Sept 2017 Bob Knapp got in contact with us: I, Robert (Bob) Knapp, attended 7th and 8th grades. That would make me, theoretically, a member of the class of 1964. I can be reached at 510 658 6547 or I’ve thought a lot over the years about my great experiences at U-School. Plans to pass through Bloomington 2017/09/07 inspired me to ‘sign up’. I’d be happy to be in contact with anyone who remembers me.
28 Aug 2017 Gary Michael "Mike" Stevens died Aug 25, 2017. A photo and obituary are on his Find-A-Grave page.
4/21/17 Alan Irwin writes: I met my future wife Barbara on a Sierra Club backpack trip near Glacier Peak in Washington State in 1963, we got married in 1968 just after graduation from Earlham college (me) and Knox College (Barbara). Three months after that marriage we made the joint decision to immigrate to Canada. We became Canadian citizens in 1974, and we have enjoyed living in that wonderful country (me as a researcher in astrophysics with Ph.D., University of Toronto, Barbara as a librarian with MLS, University of Toronto) ever since. We are now both retired and living in Victoria. I still do some astrophysics research, and I also enjoy working on Linux software projects while Barbara enjoys both vegetable and flower gardening. We are looking forward to our 50th wedding anniversary next year!
8/30/11 Hartley Alley writes from San Antonio: "I was so sorry to hear of John Gaiser's passing. He was an avid chemist (had the big Gilbert chem set) and home rocket builder when we were pals in about 4th and 5th grade. I watched and helped some (as his assistant) as he built rockets and small bombs (made with his own gun powder) and set them off by electric ignition in the wooded area across the street from his home. I fondly remember his parents who welcomed all into their home, Hazel and Gary (John called them by their first names like I did my parents). Their house had a wonderful train set and full model landscape with tracks etc., in the basement. John was very bright but not at all stuck on himself. One of a kind. Also sorry to hear of Sherry Sheridan's passing. She and I had a fun senior week driving around in her dad's T-bird convetible with no shoes on. She was a true friend."
3/9/11 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — John E. Gaiser passed away after a long battle with cancer on March 3, 2011. He was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and moved to the Bay Area in 1965. He received bachelor’s degrees in physics and psychology, and a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University. John was a true rocket scientist. Beginning in high school, he was building liquid fuel rockets and receiving awards for his scientific achievements. He devoted his career to the aerospace industry in Silicon Valley. His final position was director of systems engineering at Space Systems/Loral.

John was loved and respected by his many friends and colleagues. His smile radiated love and joy to all who knew him. John was preceded in death by his father. He is survived by his wife, Astrid; his mother, Hazel; six daughters and their husbands; and seven grandchildren. He is also survived by his brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Kathy (Skoor) Gaiser (both UHS '66); and two nephews and a grandniece.
1/19/11 Susan Byrnes Wallace writes: "I've seen Dave Millen, Ann Johnson, Jean Rogers, Eva Benes, Suzie Talbott, and Gary Chumley over the years when I've been back in Btown but otherwise have dropped off the radar. I was in Btown for the month of June 2010 helping my mother pack out and come live with me. We are both widows (my husband Tony died of ALS in 2008, my dad died 13 years ago). I have a 27-year-old son who is a health care lobbyist in DC, and I could care less about becoming a grandmother. My career has involved editing and research at National Geographic Magazine, database editing for AARP, geriatric mental health counselor, and currently geriatric care manager. I spent 5 years living overseas (Tunisia and England) as a Foreign Service wife; great experience! Still love to play tennis, am an avid reader, volunteer at hospice...and wonder where the years went! My sister Sheila (class of 1963) died in Dec. 2010 of causes related to her liver transplant 16 years ago. Now that I know that there is an all-class reunion, I'll try to attend."
3/31/10 Extracted from an article in the Bloomington Herald-Times
By Bethany Nolan 331-4373 |, March 31, 2010

A Bloomington native who lived in Tennessee is feared dead following a March 11 canoeing accident on the Mississippi River. The body of 63-year-old Grant William Somes was not found despite a two-day search involving seven boats and three helicopters, according to Eighth Coast Guard District spokesman Tom Atkeson. Somes served as chairman of Preventive Medicine at the University of Tennessee’s Health Science Center and led the Design, Biostatistics and Ethics Unit of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute. He earned his PhD in statistics in 1975 from the University of Kentucky, and his research specialties included the application of statistics to health and lifetime stress, smoking, cardiovascular reactivity, guns and violence and hypertension in adults and children.

Somes is survived by his wife of 42 years, Brenda (Weddle) Somes (UHS '65), who was born and raised in Bloomington and attended, with Somes, University High School; son and daughter-in-law Tony and Tina Somes of Bloomington; mother Margaret “Peggy” Somes of Bloomington; brother and sister-in-law Roger and Diana Somes of Bloomington; sister and brother-in-law Sheron and Warren Ralph of Fort Wayne; sister-in-law and brother-in-law Jan and Tom Stocker of Bloomington; sister-in-law and brother-in-law Marsha and Dan Henson of Portage; and mother-in-law Barbara Weddle of Bloomington; as well as several other family members who live in other states.
Note: Grant's body was found about two weeks later.
9/27/09 Caroline van Wagtendonk wrote: "While I didn't graduate from UHS (moved to Miami, FL in 1960) I'm interested in keeping in touch with my friends from those days. My brother went to his 50th reunion (class of 1958) last year and had a great time."
6/23/09 Jon Russell writes: My name while at UHS was Leonard Walker Russell with a nickname of Skip. After graduation I changed my name legally to Jon Walker Russell - something to do with my grandfather who I disliked. From there I went to Indiana University for 2 years and then University of California Santa Barbara where I graduated. Went to San Diego for an MA in psychology and was married before heading off to Australia for 35 years. Did a lot of things such as sheep breeding and a Ph.D. and bunches of academia. I have now returned to US with my second wife (Australian) to live with my 96 year old mother here in Atlanta. I am doing some corporate work and relaxing. Sure would like to make contact with people of class of 64. Disturbed over Bruce, Eric and others. Seems too soon. Do you know anything about Susie Byrnes?
5/15/09 Sharon Ann “Sherry” Sammis, of Bloomington, passed away Saturday, May 9, 2009. She graduated from UHS and attended Indiana University. She is survived by her husband, Richard Sammis; a daughter, a son and a stepson and was preceded in death by her parents. Sherry was an outspoken activist working for animal rights, peace, social justice and environmental awareness. She was an energy healer and teacher of Reiki. She was a fiercely loyal wife, a devoted mother and beloved friend to many.
5/19/08 Sheila Bemis Greene writes: "I'm an artist & an art teacher loving life in Houston, Texas. My daughter Allison & son Jeremy are both married & live in Texas also. My granddaughter Becca is the light of my life! While in college, I married my U-School sweetheart Scott Greene. We moved to Austin where he attended law school. Scott enjoyed being an attorney in Corpus Christi & a law professor at Creighton Law School in Omaha, Nebraska before his untimely death in 1982. Many of my favorite memories result from growing up in Bloomington & attending University School. It was an amazing & positive adventure. I'd love to touch base with old friends & classmates. I think about many of you often!"
8/22/06 John Gaiser and others sent this: » Published at Applegate, Eric E. July 2, 2006

Eric Edwin Applegate died while attending a meeting of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors on Wednesday, June 28, 2006. Eric, the eldest of four children, is survived by his partner in life, Tim Waterfill; his parents; two brothers, Ray and Bob; and his sister, Beth Applegate. Born December 1, 1945 to K. Edwin and Betty Dilts Applegate in Logansport, Indiana, he spent his youth in Bloomington, Indiana graduating from University High School. Eric received a dual Bachelor of Arts degree from City University of New York in Psychology and Humanities. He continued his training receiving his Masters of Science in Marital and Family Therapy from Butler University. Credentialed in the areas of Sex Therapy, Marital Family Therapy, Mental Health Counseling and Addictions Counseling, he directed the Nora Counseling Center's Sexual Rehabilitation Program. He was an Internationally Certified AlcoholDrug Counselor, a Nationally Certified AlcoholDrug Counselor, Level II through NADAC and an Indiana State Certified AlcoholDrug Counselor through ICAADA. He was a member of the American Counseling Association, The American Group Psychotherapy Association, The Indiana State Mental Health Association, The International Foundation for Gender Education, The National Council on Sexual Addition and Compulsivity, The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, and The International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors. To further the educational training of his colleagues he served as an Adjunct Graduate Instructor at Butler University and was instrumental in developing Butler University's graduate degree in Addictionology. To further the goals of research and education, Eric served as a Board Member of the Friends of the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University. If you wish to give, we request that you make a donation to the Kinsey Institute through the Indiana University Foundation in the name of Eric Edwin Applegate. Address: Kinsey Institute, Indiana University Foundation, P O Box 500, Bloomington, IN 47402.
2/21/06 Linda Pickens Holt writes: "This is my first time of logging on this page. Sending my new info. Thinking of moving again and possibly out of state. Sad to learn of those of our class that have passed on. But, a big hello to rest of class."
10/22/05 See the Reunions section
This is a reminder that the Class of '65 will be having an informal gathering at Nicks "Hoosier Room" on Friday night starting at about 6-6:30 and going until ??? The Class of '64 will also be there. If anyone from the Class of '66 or for that matter any other interested Univees would like to come that would be great. "The more the Merrier." Our 40th reunion this summer was so much fun that I am anticipating a great weekend for all of us. UNIVEES RULE! Kathy Rumple Sollenberger '65
8/26/05 A scanned clipping from a May 10, 1963 newspaper will interest the class of '64 - especially Lynn Householder, Jan Thurston, Robert Frothingham, Cym Lowell, Peggy Drach. Bill Burnham and Jerry Buczek, who took Chinese at UHS from Monica Chen (now Yu), who saved this clipping all these years. She sent it to Becky Bobilya Gregory, who shares it with us. Mrs. Yu would love to hear from her former students.
8/23/05 Cindy Warren Hobbs writes: "Looking forward to hearing from some of my classmates. Alternate email: We live on Coldwater Lake in MI, but I work in MI & IN."
6/23/05 Rebecca Gaskill writes: "I am so sorry I have not kept up with the class. I did make a reunion YEARS ago but since my parents died I have not had a Bloomington connection. I did have the pleasure of seeing Eva (Benes) and her family since we both had parents at Meadowood Retirement Community. Other than that, I have been totally out of the loop and getting more nostalgic about U School all the time."
2/18/05 Peggy Drach writes: "Nice to make a connection with familiar old names - can't believe its been over 40 years. Is there going to be a reunion at some point - I went to one a long time ago - was it the 15th? Since then I'm sure I've been hard to contact - I've been in New England, South East Asia, etc. Love to hear from old friends!     Peg Drach
8/24/04 John Perry, BHS '64, is one of the people listed on the page. Their class had a reunion recently. If you want to contact any BHS '64, I'll put you in touch with him. Margaret
8/22/04 I've heard already from Jan Humphrey Rigg, who reports she was told that Lori Schultz Miles had died. If anyone knows that is not true PLEASE let Dave Gray know (DLGray@UHS65,org). Also Lee Allen wrote with his registration: "It has been 10 times the years that we were in school together, yet who does not remember those the best of all? As I read down the names on the registered and unknown list, faces and events came back in a flood. Stewart Curry! I had given up hope of a 40th reunion since I have lost all contact with the class of '64. Please add my name to the list. Thanks for being the catalyst, Margret. - ps; Another missing class name: Bill Miller. Hope he is not MIA.." (I did not have Bill's name - it has been added as missing - Margaret [later found, living in Mesa, AZ])
8/21/04 I have begun to contact members of the class of '64 who are registered on Classmates, for good reason having to do with spam, does not make the contact easy. I can only send 20 messages a day, and must do them individually, so the first half is done tonight and the last half will be done tomorrow. I hope to hear from many or all, and that they all visit this website and will pass on the word to other classmates. I hope to get a lot of corrections and additions. I have not yet checked your yearbook for pictured members of your senior class. Next time I am in Bloomington I intend to do that at the library.

I started this classmates emailing with '64 because '64 does not seem to have plans (yet) for a 40th reunion, while I know '54 and '44 have such plans made already. If you can't get a reunion going this year, maybe you can all come on October 29, 2005 when the all school reunion will be held.
8/07/04 Stuart Curry sent this photo of an Elm Heights 6th Grade class in 1958.
9/11/02 Diana Brogneaux Yoder writes: I enjoyed corresponding with Reed Martin after so many years had elapsed and would be interested in finding out about other classmates with whom I have lost touch. This website is a good idea and I'm so pleased that other University School friends are finding out about it.
5/24/02 Reed Martin writes: Where is Evelyn Herman who attended Rogers School and then left Bloomington???? I am a hobby fanatic. "Old Time Banjo" is a CD I have available. 37 solo clawhammer banjo tunes and 18 pages of stories. In the garage are five vehicles 1901 [this must be a typo!] or earlier. I drive a 1931 Ford deluxe roadster as one of my regular cars. Will be in Bloomington September 14th for the Homer Spriggs Music Festival. I have been teaching banjo at folk camps in the summer for many years. I have written my Bloomington Childhood Memories and will TRADE a copy for your Bloomington Childhood memories.
11/23/01 Reed Martin writes: "I was supposed to finish my scholastic career at U.H.S., but the family moved in 1960. I would have graduated, God willing, in the great class of 1964. Please add my name to the 1964 mailing list, and if Evelyn Herman ever checks in, please tell her to drop me a note.   Thanks...Reed Martin"


Reunion Information

June 13 & 14, 2025 The UHS Class of 1965 will celebrate its 60th reunion on Friday & Saturday, June 13th & 14th, 2025.
Like the canceled 2020 Reunion, we are inviting the Class of 1964 to join us.
Friday evening at Nick's 2nd floor "Hoosier Room"
Saturday - golf outing, celebrating the 1965 golf team, who won University High School's only State Championship
Saturday evening dinner at the Bloomington Country Club (estimated cost to be determined)
Contact persons: Susan Black or Dave Gray. Contact Dave Estes about the golf.
2021, dates to be determined 56th Reunion canceled, with the Class of '65: Friday evening, upstairs in the Hoosier Room at Nick's English Hut; Saturday golf; Saturday dinner at the Georgian Room, Indiana Memorial Union.
Who's coming (Class of '64; see the '65 page for others):
Nelda Barker, Ruth Behariel Antosh, Sheila Bemis Greene, Susan Black, Diana Brogneaux Yoder, Ross Brown, Stu Curry, Larry Davis, Diana Dixon Scales, Peggy Drach, Joyce Edwards Segaloff, Rosa-lyn Householder, Janice Humphrey Rigg, Ann Johnson, Sherry Lindsey Curry, Karen McIntosh Brown, Terry McManus, Tom Olsen, Vicki Patterson Goodrum, Bill Rhoades, Kathy Riester Rabold, Jeanne Schaap Dennis, Mary Beth Schmalz, Tom Sharp, and Cindy Grossman Warren Hobbs. Plus some guests.
October 29, 2005
All School Reunion

'64 and '65 are
gathering informally
Friday Evening at
Nicks Hoosier Room
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'64 -Nelda Barker, Susan Black, Diana Brogneaux Yoder & Frank, Ross Brown & Karen, Stuart Curry & Sheri, Diane Dixon Scales, Peg Drach, Ann Johnson, Sheri Lindsey Curry & Stuart, Cym Lowell & Joel Herskowitz & Roya Sayadi, Reed Martin, Karen McIntosh Brown & Ross, Mark Myers, Michael O'Connor & Mary, Kathleen Riester Rabold & John, Jean Rogers, Mary Beth Schmalz & Urban Wemmerlöv, Tom Sharp & Kim, Sherry Sheridan Sammis & Richard, Michael Stevens, Sue Talbott Haverstock, Susie Tardy Maxwell & Howard, Tim Thrasher & Beth, Cynthia Warren Grossman Hobbs & Steve


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