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15 Sep 2022 We find that Diana Sue Ryan Schmidt died in Bloomington on January 28, 2017. She was at UHS only in 7th grade. A Find-A-Grave page has been created, with a short obituary.
And Larry Thomas Simes, who was at U-School in 3rd & 4th grade, graduated from Ellettsville High School, and lived in Martinsville, died April 28, 2016. A nice photo and long obituary are on his Find-A-Grave page.
15 Aug 2022 We have finally gotten in contact with Dr Anne Hendricks, who we knew as Sue in high school (& before). After spending a year in Afghanistan with her family, she went to Carleton College and graduated in 1970. And the college alumni database had a valid e-mail address! She currently lives in Denver.
06 Jul 2022 Still no reunion, but... Picnic! Saturday, July 30, starting at 2:00 pm, north shelter, Bryan Park. Brats & hamburgers will be provided, but feel free to bring salads, chips, drinks, &/or deserts.
Parking for the shelter is off Stull Ave, south of Maxwell Lane. $10 per person to cover shelter rental & the food provided.
Please let Sue Huddle know if you will be coming (& if you will be bringing a guest). Her e-mail is currently kaput, so call or text her at 202-321-5303.
05 Sep 2020 Regina Dionisopoulos found us! Elementary school at Elm Heights, but only 7th grade at UHS before her family moved away. A long-time Hawaii resident, she now lives in Iowa.
28 Mar 2020 Paul Young Michael died in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on March 27, 2020.
18 Mar 2020 Reunion postponed - we hope to have it next summer
15 Feb 2020 Reunion information below
16 Dec 2019 Ronnie Dale Houshour, of Columbus, Indiana, who died December 13, 2019, may have been a (very) short-time member of this Class; his age, 73, would indicate this. He was listed in the '65 Jordannus, but was not pictured.
15 Dec 2019 Sally Ann Isom died in Bloomington on December 12, 2019. A photo and obituary are on her Find-A-Grave page.
30 Oct 2019 55th Reunion - see below. This time, we will be joined by members of the Class of '64.
17 Jun 2019 From examination of Jordannuses from '52 through '65, 113 people who attended UHS during that time have been added to the database. Most of these are listed below as "misssing." However, Andrew Dale "Andy" Lyle is known deceased. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
6 Jun 2019 Bob Jordan, who was at UHS in 7th & 8th grades before graduating from Howe Military Academy, died March 27, 2019, in Irvine, California. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
A memorial service will be held at 11am, August 12th, at the Trinity Episcopal Church, 111 S Grant St (corner of Kirkwood Ave) in Bloomington.
6 Jun 2019 The Fourth Annual Picnic will be on Saturday, July 13, 2019, Bryan Park north shelter house
The contact person is Sue Huddle.
4 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of the Social Security Death Index, Find-A-Grave, and the database, the following members of the Class of '65 have died. If anyone knows otherwise, please let Dave Gray '65 know.
John Stuart Brantley, of Texas, on August 4, 1984.
Margaret Ruth Coan Meeks, of Tennessee, on February 16, 1988. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
Michael Joseph "Mike" Collins, of Bloomington, on January 14, 2007. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page. (We have Mike in our database, but his obituary only mentions BHS, and he is not in any Jordannuses. Are we sure he attended UHS?)
22 Mar 2018 I used the Commencement Program to add middle names for many Class members. If there is an error in your name, please let me know. Dave Gray '65
6 Dec 2017 Julia Louise "Judy" Crouch Kane died December 4, 2017 in Indianapolis. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
25 July 2017 Margaret Ann "Peggy" Owens Buher Page died July 14, 2017. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
21 Apr 2017 Frank Yoder writes: Diana and I winter in Naples, Florida. We enjoy playing pickleball. I do a lot of photography mainly as a hobby. She plays golf and reads voraciously.

In the last month, we have seen Bill Rhodes class of '64 who lives in Durango, Colorado and is a pilot. Ed McCrea hosted hosted a fishing outing in Naples in April 2017 with classmates Paul Micheal, David Sparks and me. Diana and I taught them about the fastest growing sport in America, which is pickleball.

I have a small claim to fame; I helped invent an oral medication at the NIH for very severe acne called Accutane, now known as isotretinoin. I made legal history because the pharmaceutical company took me to Federal Court to try to keep their misdeeds regarding severe birth defects quiet. I won the case. If anyone wants to read about it, google: "Harvard Yoder Accutane" for an article by Julia Green. This experience still haunts me to this very day.

Although we have lived in Ohio for ~40 years, l still am a huge IU fan. UHS was a very positive experience for me!
Mar 2017

The Second Annual Picnic will be on Saturday, July 15, 2017, Bryan Park north shelter house

The contact person in Sue Huddle.

9/1/11 Wade Martz sends an obituary for Steve Rouse from which the following has been extracted:
Paul Stephen 'Steve' Rouse, 64
JAN. 19, 1947 - AUG. 27, 2011
Steve spent his childhood in Bloomington. He graduated from University High School in 1965, and went on to attend Indiana University, and then technical school in Florida. The education he received there led him to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and later to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he directed TV news, and worked in many other aspects of video and TV production. Steve worked as a video producer for Sunrise Video West for many years, and produced numerous TV commercials for major auto client GMC. He most recently worked for Comcast in Denver, Colorado. Steve returned to Bloomington in 1989. It was at this time he became involved in volunteer radio by hosting two shows on WFHB, including the bluegrass themed "Rural Routes" on Saturday afternoons. Steve became an avid bluegrass fan during those years, and attended many festivals and performances. He was asked to introduce Mr. Bill Monroe and his band at Bean Blossom, which he always considered a highlight during his time at the radio station. Steve returned again to the West he loved so much, and eventually settled in Morrison, Colorado, and enjoyed many years there. He was always glad for family and friends to visit, proudly showing off the beautiful area he lived in. He returned to Bloomington 2 years ago. His favorite things were his computer, listening to all types of music, watching movies, and the beautiful West. Steve was a kind and gentle soul, artistic and talented, and had a wonderful wit. Steve's sister Elizabeth Tieman (UHS '69) survives him.
6/29/11 David Gray reports that "We just learned that Judy Foot Campbell '65 died on December 5, 2010." A message from Judy's husband is included with information on the '65 website at
8/21/10 Pat O'Connor says "I would love to stay in contact with any and all. I'm good..healthy and pretty active. I mostly do volunteer work these days, but occasionally draw a check for Landscape design or Antique restoration. I couldn't make it to the recent reunion, but will have the next one on the calendar. My best wishes to all. Let's stay in touch!
3/21/10 PHOENIX, Ariz. - Thomas Lee Kleindorfer, 62, passed away suddenly March 17, 2010, in Phoenix, Arizona. Tom was born in Bloomington, Indiana, to Shelby and Dorothy Kleindorfer. Tom moved to Arizona in 1985. Tom is survived by his wife of 23 years, Carol; three daughters; three grandchildren; one brother, David (Phyllis); one sister Pauline; six sisters-in-law, Suzanne Saunders of Arkansas, Connie Nicholson (Dave) and Kathy Kleindorfer (Harry) of Phoenix, Jo Kleindorfer (Donald), Ginny Kleindorfer (Johnny), Marion Kleindorfer (Paul) of Indiana; and numerous nieces and nephews. Tom was an avid outdoors person, loved to help people, and had a deep and lasting faith in God. He will be missed enormously and never forgotten.
8/22/08 William C. Woodward of Bloomington died on Wednesday, August 20th, following a brief illness. A 1965 graduate of University High School, he served with the U.S. Navy for 30 years prior to his retirement. During his military career, he served two tours of duty in Vietnam, one onboard a ship and the other on a gunboat. He was also a member of the Indiana Ave. Church of Christ. Survivors include his brother and sister-in-law, Thomas Woodward (UHS '72) and Debra (Jeffers) Woodward (UHS '73) of Bloomington; one daughter; three grandsons; and three nieces; He was preceded in death by his parents.
6/26/08 INDIANAPOLIS — Kathy Ann (Hall) DePree, Indianapolis, formerly of Bloomington, died Sunday June 8, 2008. Kathy suffered many years from Parkinson’s disease. She is survived by her husband, Neal DePree of Indianapolis and her brother Kevin Hall of Bloomington and one neice. She was preceded in death by her parents.
5/19/07 from Margaret, the webmaster - I'm finding old email registrations - sorry to be so late! Lee Ervin Sprinkles sent this message last July (2006) and only now am I telling her in email that there is no more UHS, but BHSN recognizes us as ancestral! - anyhow her message to you all was:

"Hi, from CA where the temp is sizzling,the golf is great, and all is well. Wanted to check and see if there was a website and I was very pleased when I found one. I have a favor to ask. Could you please email me the info to the following question?   What is the current name of University High School and address? Would like to stay in touch so please reply.  Take care.
5/18/07 Steve Beets wrote back in January: "I currently work for a Global PCR Testing Lab: Genetic-ID in Fairfield IA. ( I work in Marketing and Sales. We test for the presence of GMOs (genetically engineered DNA) in food. Genetic-ID may be the largest PCR testing lab in North America and was started by a brilliant Microbiologist from Cornell University, Dr. John Fagan. Life in Fairfield is great. People are much like University High School: smart, athletic and aware. Ironically enough the High School is named University High School, after the College: MUM.
10/22/05 See the Reunions section
This is a reminder that the Class of '65 will be having an informal gathering at Nicks "Hoosier Room" on Friday night starting at about 6-6:30 and going until ??? The Class of '64 will also be there. If anyone from the Class of '66 or for that matter any other interested Univees would like to come that would be great. "The more the Merrier." Our 40th reunion this summer was so much fun that I am anticipating a great weekend for all of us. UNIVEES RULE! Kathy Rumple Sollenberger
10/12/05 Vince Savage will be in town later this month and says: "I plan to be back in Blgtn Oct 25 - Nov 2 and am wondering whether any device has been concocted to let one another know how to contact one another where they are staying in Blgn prior to the dinner. For example, I can be reached while in Blgtn either at my mom's 336-5786 or sister Christy's 336-5106, or my cell phone 970.274.6508"
8/08/05 40th REUNION PHOTOS and much more .... - a good time was had by all!
7/23/05 Brenda Thrasher Burton Hacker Jenney writes: "So glad David (Gray) got in touch with me by phone last night. Sorry it wasn't sooner so I could have attended 40th reunion. I have 2 sons; Jeff Thrasher and Scott Thrasher both are married. Jeff has no children but Scott has 3 children: Cameron Thrasher is 14yrs, Kendra Jo is 3 yrs, and Kasey Kay just turned 1 in June. I was in Mooresville, In, for her 1st birthday, Kendra's dance recital and Scott's 37th birthday. Had a great time!! I'm a Creative Memories Consultant, part-time love taking photos and preserving memories to pass along to family. Lost my husband Jim Thrasher to Cancer when Jeff was 5 and Scott 2, remarried to Wayne Hacker in 1975 lost him to heart trouble in May 3,1993. Remarried to Jon C Jenney in 2000 in Sarsaota, Fl, on the beach; just celebrated our 5th anniversary in June. I'm working full time Admin Specialist for Coordinated Childcare in Clearwater, Fl. Been there for last 6 yrs. This is my update Thanks for getting in touch with me."
6/14/05 For more on Jeff Arpan, see this website at the University of South Carolina's Business School. Also see the UHS65 website.
6/13/05 Candy Pinkston Gardner send an obituary from the Columbia SC newspaper, "The State," from which the following is extracted.

Jeffrey Scott Arpan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Business, University of South Carolina Business School, died today [May 28, 2005] after a brief illness. Professor Arpan headed the Business School’s International Business program for many years and under his leadership the program was ranked number 1 by US News and World Report. He received his doctoral degree in international business from Indiana University. In 2001 Professor Arpan was diagnosed with Semantic Dementia, a progressive and debilitating disease affecting speech and the ability to communicate. By 2003 the progress of the disease required him to retire. He devoted much of his time in retirement to education of others about the disease and to research being conducted on the illness, including participation in a long term study being conducted by the Memory and Aging Center of the University of California at San Francisco.

Professor Arpan is survived by his wife Luz Rodriguez Arpan, a step-son, three daughters, a granddaughter, a sister Cheryl Sorokin [UHS '63], a brother Randy and 4 nephews. The Moore School of Business has established the Jeffery S. Arpan Fellowship. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide financial support for graduate students in international business. MSB will provide matching funds for donations. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that those wishing to honor Jeff’s memory do so with a contribution to this fellowship. Contributions should be sent to:
Jeffery S. Arpan Fellowship, USC-MSB, 1705 College Street, Columbia, SC. 29208.
5/12/05 (Shirley) Ann Waltke Ferling writes: " Ron and I are lucky to live in Southern California (between Malibu and Santa Barbara). Our home is surrounded by mountains and only 15 minutes from the ocean.
I am a Human Resources Director and Ron is a Controller/CFO, so we are still active - working and playing - not ready to retire. Our complex has a fabulous recreation facility - golf, tennis, swimming pool, etc. Our 2 children, Doug and Melissa, live nearby in Los Angeles/Santa Monica. Doug edits TV Scripts and has a rock band, and Melissa is a design/stylist and is a Marketing Rep. Double careers are very common here due to the entertainment industry. I feel that I owe a lot of my zest for life to the teaching dynamics of UHS. UHS was definitely the first of many opportunities to go after our dreams."
3/12/05 David Gray and Ed McCrea [and others!] are working hard getting your class ready for your July reunion and, I hope, for the October All-School reunion. David just told me about your NEW reunion web page. Go there for information direct from your committee. Any address information I get by registrations here will be shared with David. If you have friends and siblings who graduated in other classes, do let them know about the web page so that they can register. If they don't mind, you can let me know their addresses, too. And if you find errors here, please do let me know.------ Margaret Olson, webmaster
3/12/05 Sharon Alexander Green writes: "I am one of the truly blessed individuals who attended University School from pre-school all the way through high school. (total of 14 years) I did not know how open, unique, and life confirming this experience was complaired to the "normal" school experience until I became a teacher. I would love to hear from other former UHS students who are now teachers trying to carry on the tourch of personalized, creative, problem solving based learning."

Memories & Stories

OK - I'll add the first one.
Probably 8th or 9th grade. My best friends were Steve Rouse & Steve Godsey. Both were AV guys, and Rouse was particularly interested in radio. He had hung around the WTTS studio and made friends with some of the DJs, who would let us stand behind them as they spun records & read the local ads, as long as we did not disturb them while they were on the air.

One day, the DJ was introducing a taped ad, and said, "And now a word from Studebaker." As soon as the ad started and the mic was turned off, Rouse, quick of wit and always one for word play, said, "And now a stude from Wordabaker." Poor Godsey had just taken a big swig from a bottle of Coke, and he sprayed it all over the console when he burst out laughing! The DJ was NOT pleased!

At the last All-Class Reunion, I asked Bill Franzmann '52 if he were the DJ in this incident. (At that time, we did not know Bill was a U-School grad.) He does not recall it, so it must have been someone else.
Dave Gray, August 2017
Frank Yoder remembers THE SNOW BOWL OF 1960:
I was almost salivating to throw my snowball at the next car that passed in front of Doctor Kinsey’s home on First Street (yes, that Doctor Kinsey of sexual fame) in Bloomington.
Our gang was well hidden in Doctor Kinsey’s woods behind his house. There were about 5 of us throwing projectiles made of fresh snow. We never felt that what we were doing could be dangerous. It is what kids in early junior high did for fun on snowy days in the Midwest. We had already nailed about 4 cars traveling on First Street. We rarely missed and were getting more exhilarated and confident with each passing car.
We all thought we were modern Tom Bradys with our throwing percentages. This was our Super Bowl in the winter of 1960.
I heard the next car coming down the street a little slower than the rest. I carefully aimed my white sphere of snow in preparation of my next throw. I looked, I fired a direct hit at the black and white car. Only then did the policeman turn on his siren and flashing red light. "Oh, shit" I thought. Now I was scared! Another black and white appeared and started circling the block.
Now my buddies knew we had only one possible way to escape Bloomington’s finest. We all started to drop down and alligator crawl to one of our friends' home. It was all down hill and about 100 yards to freedom. I was always the slowest. I could see their buttocks ahead of me bobbing and zigzagging through Doctor Kinsey’s thick snow-covered woods. After about 5 minutes all of them had already crossed Maxwell Lane to safety except for me. I finally made it to the thick hedge and remained quiet, while the police circled the block with sirens blaring.
Finally after about 10 more fearful minutes, the sirens went silent. I thought I heard footsteps behind the house where we were playing. It was time for action. No cars on Maxwell Lane, so I sprinted like Jesse Owens to the safe house near by and joined my buddies.
Well, we all escaped! The cops never stopped at our safe house. I apologize for any damage that we may have done on that cold February day some 60 years ago.
Bloomington was a great town to grow up in. I love remembering those years and my great friends and our escapades, We were actually good kids, but with little or no common sense back then.
Yours Truly, Yogi AKA Frank Yoder, Class of 1965

Reunion Information

2021, date to be determined   55th Reunion postponed: Friday evening, upstairs in the Hoosier Room at Nick's English Hut; Saturday golf; Saturday dinner at the Georgian Room, Indiana Memorial Union. Contact persons: Ed McCrea, Sue Huddle, or Dave Gray Contact Dave Estes about the golf.
Who's coming (Class of '65; see the '64 page for others):
Sharon Alexander Green, Steve Andres, Dick Bender, Beverly Bruce Butler, David Butler, Carol Carter Micheli, John Chapman, Rick Darby, Julia Edwards Marvin, David Estes, Tannie Freeman Hinson, David Gray, Bill Hammerman, Sue Huddle, Phil Huffman, Janice Humphrey Rigg, Susan Keisler Gray, David King, Brandt Ludlow, Sharon Mahaffey Belcher, Molly Maloney Delevett, Cathy Manifold Dunham, Wade Martz, Ed McCrea, Monte McDaniel, Terry McManus, Ted Najam, Pat O'Connor, Linda Pollock Davis, Vicki Prince McCrea, Nancy Reed Sparks, Kathy Rumple Sollenberger, Vincent Savage, Janet Schell, Sheri Shumate Miller, David Sparks, Bill Sturgeon, and Frank Yoder. Plus some guests.
October 2005
All School Reunion

'65 is gathering informally
Friday Evening at
Nicks Hoosier Room
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'65 - Edward Baker, Caroline Carter Micheli, Richard Darby, Martha Dickerson, Beth Floyd Thrasher & Tim, David Gray & Susan, Robert Hedrick, Susan Keisler Gray & David, Brandt Ludlow & Dian, Molly Maloney Delevett & Peter, Raymond [Heath] Maloni & Deborah, Catherine Manifold Dunham, Wade Martz, Ed McCrea & Vicki, Candy Pinkston Gardner, Vicki Prince McCrea & Ed, Nancy Reed Sparks & David, Kathy Rumple Sollenberger, Vince Savage, James Scanlon & Ina, David Sparks & Nancy, Gregory Tyler, Frank Yoder & Diana
2005 - Fortieth - July 29-30

Friday, July 29 - 7pm at Nick's Hoosier Room (2nd floor)
Saturday, July 30 - dinner at Colorado Steakhouse, 1635 N College Ave
Social hour 6pm, dinner at 7pm

To see the Find-A-Grave page, click here
Then copy the number into the "# Memorial ID" field.

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