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Class of 1973

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University High School closed after this Class's Junior year.

The information lists below include students who attended University School in 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and/or 11th Grade.


28 May 2022 Danny Joe Workman, of Solsberry, Indiana, died May 26, 2022. An obituary and photo are on his Find-A-Grave page, but will not be visible for 3 months.
11 Feb 2021 Holly Ann Lentz Khuzkian Price died in Bloomington on February 3, 2021. An obituary and photo are on her Find-A-Grave page.
27 Jan 2021 Zaineb Scheherazad Istrabadi died in Bloomington on January 23, 2021. Born in London, England, of Iraqi parents, she first came to the US at age 2-3/4, and became a US citizen in 1982. She is pictured with the Junior Class in the 1972 Jordannus. She taught Arabic at Indiana University. A photo and a front-page article from the Indiana Daily Student are on her Find-A-Grave page.
27 Jan 2020 Michael Neil Wilkerson died in Bloomington January 17, 2020. An obituary and photo are on his Find-A-Grave page.
11 Jan 2020 Barbara Henderson, now Barbara Spence, is married with 2 adult children and living in Ephrata, WA.
17 Jul 2017 Ronald Linn Olsen died July 13, 2017. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
28 Jun 2017 Rhonda Louise Clutter died June 18, 2017. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
6/12/12 Tom Runyon is here and says to classmates: "I did not attend UHS, but was a member of the first graduating class of BHSN".
1/12/12 Patty Headley Sorensen writes: "Great Idea...I would like to get back in touch. After graduating from IU in Business & Psychology in 1981, moved to Indpls, where I married in 1987 and was an Information Technology manager for a Catholic order hospital group for 15 years. I have since retired, own a small embroidery business, have 3 daughters. We moved to Mandeville, LA (North Shore New Orleans) in 1999, lived through Katrina, moved to The Woodlands (Houston), Texas in 2006. Lived through Hurricane Ike there. My oldest is a Biology/Chemistry major at LA Tech, my twin girls are freshman NCAA Division 1 gymnasts at Oklahoma and Southern Utah University. I travel a lot for college gymnastic meets and have a tendency to want to say IIIII...UUUUU...instead of OU's college football games. Married to Craig Sorensen originally from Milford, IN .
11/28/11 Michael Wilkerson wrote: Hi to everyone...after several years in Bloomington I moved to Washington, DC, in 2007 and appear to have served a four-year term here (though as a teacher, not a politican). Nice to find people on FB andelsewhere... .
3/3/11 Jane Hunsberger Wallace writes: "Went to KY for college. Married a soldier and traveled all over the world for 20 years. Lived in KY for 15 years and divorced. Moved to Indiana to be with Mother. Have lived over seas and moved 25 times. Two daughters, three grandsons."
4/14/10 Denise Jolly Hampton wrote: "Crafts, boxers, gardening, flowers, birds. I have two children; 2 step children; 5 grand kids. Love them all and happy married to David Hampton from BHSN, too."
12/25/09 Monique Opiola Craig wrote: "Glad I found this web page although I'm not sure how recently it's been visited by anyone. It seems like I keep getting lost on people's list. Hopefully not this time though. I have been on FB and that has put me in touch with several long lost friends. Thanks to whoever does all the work on this site."
4/5/09 Keith Elster writes from Phoenix AZ: "Wow! Didn't know this site existed. I found this one and Jeanette Brown's site a few weeks ago by accident while searching for HS basketball tournament results (OK, gotta give South a little credit, right? :-D ). I know that being on a UHS site is a bit of a stretch since we were the first North grads in '73, but as far as I'm concerned it should still count. Note: If you attended UHS, in ANY grade, it counts -- Dave Gray
5/20/08 Deb Woodward sends this -
Class of 73 will hold their 35th reunion this summer, July 25-27, 2008. Information and a class directory (complete with senior pics) can be accessed at
5/19/08 Dan Honeycutt writes: "I attended UHS from 8th through 11th - and graduated from North. Stayed in Bloomington 5 years after High School attending IU. Moved to Virginia in 1978. Haven't done very well at keeping in touch with many of the folks I knew at UHS. Best regards to all.
2/06/08 Michael McAuley writes "I graduated from Bloomington South, but attended most of my high school years at University High School" Michael has a web page (and there is a bio on that page).
8/16/05 Debra Jeffers Woodward writes: "I went to University School for grades 7-8, then my parents moved and I attended Binford and BHS, returning to my childhood friends at BHS-North when it opened the fall of 1972. I always identify U-School as my favorite place. I, too, enjoyed the unorthodox methods of education. U-School was a great place, never been another place like it. My husband is a University, Class of '72 graduate."

Reunion Information

October 29, 2005
All School Reunion
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'73 - Jeri Kemp & Jim Zimmer, Debbie Perry Barnes, Pat VanSchoyck Brown & Gerald
Class of 1973 - BHSN - 35th July 25-27. See for more information.
BHSN Reunions - see

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