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17 Mar 2024 Donald Lewis Hays, of Anderson, Indiana, died March 13, 2024. A Find-A-Grave page has been created, with a photo & obituary; however, most of the data on that page will not be publicly visible for 3 months.
07 Oct 2023 Patricia Hensley Shedd Boyd, of Fort Pierce, Florida, died September 23, 2023. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
16 Sep 2023 Charles Robert Sinn Sr died in Bloomington on September 8, 2023. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
29 Apr 2023 Shirley Ann Duane-Alveal died in Indianapolis on April 24, 2023. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
03 Feb 2023 More searches for the Class members for whom we had contact information resulted in us finding that thirteen of them have died. They are:
Marjorie Alice "Marj" Beard Beaty, of Indianapolis, died August 28, 2018; 7th through 12th grades.
Betty Joan Burch Wright Yelverton Moore, of Austin, Texas, died April 26, 2006; 7th through 12th grades.
Arnold Kenneth W Campbell, of Bloomington, died November 15, 2003; 9th & 11th grades.
Ruth Anna "Patty" Davis Welander, of Peoria, Arizona, died August 21, 2018; 7th & 8th grades.
Joan B Des Jardins Terrell, of Indianapolis, died September 1, 2022; 11th & 12 grades.
Robert Dean Hadley, of Terre Haute, Indiana, died May 23, 1985; 7th grade only.
Patricia Louise "Pat, Patty" Hensley Shedd Boyd, of Winder, Georgia, died June 10, 2015; 9th through 12th grades.
James Richard "Jim" Love, of Farmington Hills, Michigan, died January 5, 2021; 7th through 12th grades. He was with the Class of '45, then '46, and graduated with the Class of '45.
Marcia Jane Meihsner, of Phoenix, Arizona, died March 13, 1977; 7th grade only.
Wanetta L Patton Chestnut, of Martinsville, died December 30, 2020; 9th through 12th grades.
Doris Dean Polley Scott, of Bloomington, died May 4, 2014; 9th through 12th grades. She was with the Class of '47 first, then the Class of '46.
Betty Almon Potter Paquette, of Grovetown, Georgia, died April 20, 1999; 9th grade only.
Philip Rogers, of Bloomington, died January 8, 1991; 9th grade only.
The 1950 US Census has recently been released, and we have been able to find information on many members of the Class. This does not help us find current contact information; mostly, it allows us to find parents & siblings, and death records. Five members of the Class have been moved from the first two tables into the Deceased table. They are:
Arnold Kenneth W Campbell Butcher, November 15, 2003, residence unknown; 9th & 11th grade (may have missed 10th grade picture day). Born Campbell, raised by foster parents Elgar, and changed surname to Butcher in 1945.
Ruth Anna "Patty" Davis Welander, of Peoria, Arizona, August 21, 2018; 7th & 8th grades.
Robert Dean Hadley, of Terre Haute Indiana, May 23, 1985; 7th grade only. (Hedley in photo caption.)
Marcia Jane Meihsner, of Phoenix, Arizona, March 13, 1977; 7th grade only.
Betty Almon Potter Paquette, of Grovetown, Georgia, April 20, 1999; 9th grade only.
The grades listed are based on the individual photo pages of the Jordannus yearbooks.
29 Apr 2021 Loren Elvin Durnal, formerly of Unionville, Indiana, died in North Vernon, Indiana, on April 24, 2021. A photo is on his Find-A-Grave page, and an obituary is pending.
26 Jun 2020 Gelissia V Crouch Honeycutt died June 22, 2020, in Bloomington. An obituary and photo are on her Find-A-Grave page.
27 May 2020 The class lost two people within 3 days. Dr. Charles Herbert "Charlie" Pruett died in Madison, Wisconsin, on May 22, 2020. And Miriam Ione Nale Mobley, who was pictured in just one Jordannus - the 1941 edition - died in Bloomington on May 25, 2020. Obituaries and photos are on their Find-A-Grave pages.
26 Mar 2020 Leslie Commodore "Les" Lanam, of Bloomington, died March 23, 2020. An obituary and photo are on his Find-A-Grave page.
17 June 2019 From examination of Jordannuses from '39 through '46, 84 more people who attended UHS at one time or another as members of this class have been added to the database. Most of these are listed below as "misssing." However, Ruth Ellen Baxter McClung is known deceased. A Find-A-Grave page has been created.
12 May 2019 Jack Eugene Conway Fike died in Boomington on May 5, 2019. An obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
25 Apr 2018 From an extensive search of data, we find that Virginia Ruth "Ruth" Gross Pate, of Bloomington, died June 13, 2016. An obituary is on her Find-A-Grave page.
13 Mar 2018 From an extensive search of the Social Security Death Index and Find-A-Grave, the following members of the Class of '46 have died. If anyone knows otherwise, please let Dave Gray '65 know.
Fred Dunihue, of Franklin, Indiana, September 11, 2007; an obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page;
Jane Dunlap Byers, of Dallas, Texas, on January 20, 2000;
David Allen Farris, of San Diego, California, on DEcember 28, 1996;
Thomas Francis "Tom" Lockie, Sr, of Tinley Park, Illinois, on October 15, 2009; an obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page;
Betty Jane Skirvin Brinegar, of Carmichael, California, on August 4, 3008;
Eleanor J Smith Sikora, of Columbus, Ohio, on April 22, 2006; an obituary is on his Find-A-Grave page.
10/9/11 The Reverend John English "Jack" Hoadley, passed away October 5, 2011 at the Franklin United Methodist Community. He is survived by his wife, Joann Selle Hoadley; one daughter and two sons; two grandchildren; and sisters Margaret "Meg" Hoadley Putnam (UHS '51) and Martha Hoadley (UHS '56). After graduating from University High School in Bloomington, Indiana in 1946, Jack attended DePauw University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1950. His call to ministry led him to enroll in Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, receiving his Masters of Divinity degree in 1954. Jack was an active United Methodist pastor, having served churches in Buck Creek/Mt. Zion, Rising Sun/Hartford, Batesville, New Palestine, Waldron, Indianapolis Broad Ripple, Osgood, and Springs Valley/French Lick. Following his family's move to Indianapolis in 1974, he gave additional service through the Indiana Commission on Aging & Community Services, with emphasis upon employment for people fifty-five and over. Later he served as chaplain in the Riley/Lockerbie Neighborhood Ministry. Jack was a member of Grace United Methodist Church in Franklin, Kiwanis, Y. M. C. A., Hunger, Inc. (now the Indianapolis Perry Township Food Pantry), and United Senior Action. In 2003 United Senior Action honored him with its highest award, the Sam Masarachia Leadership Award. Jack also was a faithful volunteer for several years at Central Avenue United Methodist Church in Indianapolis.
10/4/11 Donald Earl Baxter, of Bloomington, passed away September 30, 2011.Don was preceded in death by his parents, and his brother, Bill Baxter. Survivors include his wife, Mary Kaler (King) Baxter; 5 daughters; 3 stepchildren; 9 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren, and 1 niece.
1/23/09 Margaret Imogene Chestnut of Bloomington passed away Wednesday, January 21, 2009, in Bloomington. Margaret graduated from University High School in 1946. She spent her professional career in women’s fragrances working for Wasson’s, Block’s and Lazarus Department Stores. Margaret was also a member of St. John’s Catholic Church in Ellettsville. She is survived by two daughters; a son; nine grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Margaret also leaves behind six sisters, Marie Patterson (UHS '41), Rose Minton (UHS '51), Carol Baird (UHS '53), Virginia Gulickson (UHS '56), Marilyn Jester and Sharon Smith. She was preceded in death by her parents and her husband, James Chestnut.
9/14/05 Jack Hoadley says: "Hello, Friends! Jo and I have just moved from Indianapolis to Bloomington, and we are eager to renew acquaintances. We came here to re-retire, remember olden days, and also to anticipate new experiences, friendships and possible volunteer activities."
3/12/05 Madeline Levaggi Amsler's daughter and granddaughter each wrote to inform us of Madeline's death. Madeline's daughter Erin said: "I thought you would like to know that Maddie Levaggi (46') passed away October 27th, 1996. I linked into this web site as my daughter was looking up information about her grandmother's (Maddie's) singing with the Bernie Vance Orchestra in 1948. We know little about her singing and her 16-year-old grandaughter is doing a personal history report.

Anyway, she died very suddenly with me ( her youngest daughter, Erin ), but was extremly healthy and active up to minutes before she died. She lived a great life and everyone who knew her loved her. I would love any info anyone could give me about her life in highschool and her interest in singing. It seems to run in the genes! Thanks Erin Britton
1/10/05 Becky Gregory sends a long obituary for Richard Paul Franklin who died on Christmas Day 2004.

Richard Paul "Dick" Franklin passed away December 25, 2004, on Christmas day at Ball Memorial Hospital after a long, brave struggle with cancer. He was comforted by the presence of Mitzie Devine his loving mate.
.... "Richard grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. He attended McCalla Grade School in Bloomington and was a graduate of University High School in Bloomington. He was a graduate of Indiana University where he majored in Business and enjoyed being a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Richard served in the U.S. Air Force based at Johnson Air Force Base in Japan during the Korean War as a fighter pilot flying several aircraft including F-86s. He was a proud member of the "Fighting Fortieth" where he acquired the nickname "Flat Spin Franklin." After the war he was a member of the Air Force Reserves and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel." ..... (there follows a list of many lifetime achievements and interests and mention of his 3 children by his first marriage) ..... .... "Survivors include his .... (wife and children and grandchildren - and these siblings, who also attended UHS: ) .... one brother, J.A. (wife, Carol) Franklin of Bloomington and Bradenton, Florida; two sisters, Zetta Ann Franklin Weaver of Haines City, Florida, and Janet (husband, Denny) Franklin Carrell of Bloomington; .... He was preceded in death by a brother, David Ross Franklin. .... "

Funeral services were December 30, 2004 in New Castle. Condolences to: Zetta '45, Janet '54 ,J.A. '55 and to the rest of the family.
5/24/02 Jeff Stapleton ('72) writes: "My father, John Tracy Stapleton, Jr., was a member of the UHS class of 1946. "Tracy" as everyone called him, was a starting guard on the 1946 UHS basketball team that beat BHS and won the Martinsville sectional tournament. Anyway, my father passed away, last year on April 11, 2001, after a long illness. Since he was a Korean war vet (Army 1st Cav.) is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, near our Nation's capital."
12/12/01 Glen Edward Wampler, 73, of Bloomington, died at 6:30 am Tuesday (12/11/01) at Bell Trace Health and Living Center.

Reunion Information

October 29, 2005
All School Reunion
Reservations Received as of 11/01/2005 for:
'46 - Donald Baxter & Mary, Patricia Hensley Boyd & Lon & Cyndi, Sue Ann Hill Sinn & Charles, John Hoadley & Joanna, Mary King Baxter & Donald, Leslie Lanam, Charles Pruett & Edna, Charles Sinn & Sue Ann, Eleanor Smith Sikora & Michael
2002 - Fifty-sixth The UHS Class of 1946 had a reunion (56th) on Saturday, September 14, 2002.
Lunch at Chapman's at 11:30 am followed by a bus tour of Bloomington.
Dinner at 5:30 pm at The David Rogers residence, 932 Juniper Place (Meadowood), Bloomington, IN 47408

For further information, contact:
Sue Sinn, 2557 South Smith Road, Bloomington, IN 47408 (812-339-9005) OR
Marj Beaty, 6468 Bramshaw Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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